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Im wondering what kind of PvP MEO will offer?


  • SupersonicSupersonic Member UncommonPosts: 10

    As far as I know there wil be limited pvp. They will as much as possible fit everything into the original story. So I can imagin that they only allow fighting light side versus dark side (elf vs troll and not hobbit vs elf)

  • TumgurorTumguror Member Posts: 4

    Races available :





    You will not be able to use a troll as character, at least on the first develop of the game. I dont know if it could be possible on later expansions.

    Altought you can be evil and join Saurons forces. I inmagine that only elves are restricted to be good race but if you read the book you will see that a lot of human tribes were ally of Melkor and Sauron ( Black Numenoreans, Umbar corsairs, ect ), also Dwarfs, yes, some tribes of dwarfs fought on Souron´s side. I didnt read anything about evil hobbits but think about Gollum.

    At the beggining of the game we will have only the WEST side of Grey Mountains to play. A vaste extension of land to explore including the North ( the most interesting ) and Angbad.



  • UmeilUmeil Member Posts: 2

    I hear that P V P will involve the looting of people that you kill is this the case ?


    If so then I think the game will sink fairly quickly. Too many people cheat just to try score someone elses hard worked for items. I have played a few games where u can loot ur other player kills and all it does is cause a problem with appeals and accusations in the end destroying the game. I use to be a gm on a loot ur kill game and landed up never being able to play as there were too many appeals.


    Hopeing that loot your player kills gets scratched before it looked at any further.

  • bart.pietersbart.pieters Member Posts: 11

    PvP will be "consensual". The exact meaning of consensual is still unknown and can mean a bunch of things. Corpse looting for mobs is in of course, for PvP-ed players that is still a large question mark.

    Cheating should be out since the game is pay for play and will be well moderated and cheaters will be kicked out shortly.

  • BeornTheBearBeornTheBear Member Posts: 7
    Tumguror, you mean AngMAR, Angband was from the 1st age, and its under quite a bit of water at the moment.

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