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Can You Believe This?

MystiquMystiqu Member Posts: 60

I recently changed my email address and wanted to update my Knight Online account information.  Well, when I tried to use the "edit account information" link it was non-functional, so I opened a support ticket and asked for some assistance.  This was their reply:

"Thank you for contacting customer support, I understand you are having trouble with  "change of e-mail". Unfortunately, resolution of this issue does not fall under our Free2PlayT support offerings. To learn more about the support levels we provide, please review the Knight Online Service Level Agreement at this link:

 However, if you do indeed wish to receive support for this issue, please purchase a premium service package (bronze, silver, or gold) and submit a new ticket. Thank you for playing Knight Online!"

-Knight Online Customer Support Team.

Since when is updating account information exclusive to only pay-to-play persons in ANY game?    It is totally ridiculous, don't you think? Why would I pay for a game that doesn't even have my updated and correct account information?

My advice, stay away from this game unless you have an open wallet because dollar signs are all that these people can see.   They don't care about anything else, not even a simple common courtesy like being able to keep your account information up-to-date.    Needless to say I won't be back, not even for free play, it isn't worth the aggrevation and stupidity that revolves around it.

Edit:  Knight Online has now been uninstalled from my computer.


  • Tomberry73Tomberry73 Member Posts: 11

    Hi, I don't even know what this game is, but why should companies invest their money and time if not for profit?

  • OverwriteOverwrite Member Posts: 1
    No one is saying that companies shouldn't make a profit but paying to change your account details is just another example of how K2 (USKO Devs) are screwing their customers.

    P.S. This Knight Online forum isn't filed correctly.  It should be under "Games in Development".
  • WyrmfaceWyrmface Member Posts: 1

    ill defend them a little, but not by much.

    i dont mind the premium only crap to change account info, look at it as its a little more account protection, not some random hacker can just up and steal your high level account that u have alot of time and or money invested in.

    the biggest part i like about knight online is when im not working and short on funds i dont have to pay but can still play the game.

    KO does need to fix alot of buggs, IP bann the macroers and fix thier servers, but still a fun game.

    and if you no longer play ko for not liking the aspect of paying to play, get over it, how are companies gonna be able to keep thier stuff going from adds or whatever? they need cash flow to operate. might just be good u left the game.


  • ganjnehriganjnehri Member Posts: 37

    usko has been killed by turkish kids long time ago.. the best game ever with such balanced pvp in hands of the worst devs that cant fix  any bug.. their every patch to fix a bug had many more new bugs lol


  • JamirocryJamirocry Member Posts: 5

    I agree up to some level. But in this case it is just propganda. Premium members can't change there emails as well. It has been like that for almost one year, ever since koxpers took over the whole game. They are telling her/him to buy premium. If he or she does, there will be still no support for this issue. And I do agree for the premium part. Some sort of income is needed for the Knight Online team, so letting premium members pay for a cutting edge, is okay by me. Yet again, because of the server instability free players won't have a shot a descent playing environment.

  • KrAzYBLADEKrAzYBLADE Member UncommonPosts: 70

    Thats why the BBB gave them a F - rating, they have no decent kustomer service. Pay to play is the only way they will answer back any support I got to lvl 57 and then got bored with the game, i did pay for it for about 5-6 months and then i realized it wasnt worth my money. They're still having way too much server instability i remember when they first got fire drake, i wasnt able to get online for about a week or so and i was a p2p akkount. I had to get other players in the forums to help me realize it was bekause of my firewall that i kouldnt get the updates to play. K2 and the KO staff didnt give me any direction or anything on how to install the new patch/expansion. I'm actually starting to play this game kalled Tantra online its kontrols are about the same as KO and its alot of fun. There is alot of things i did like about KO and there is alot i didnt like, I just got bored with the anywayz l8r peepz!

  • cpaw88cpaw88 Member Posts: 48

    As a business person all I can say is Knight Online support is just sad.  Everyone who has any idea of how to run a company knows you should give good customer service with no strings attached and never ask for money or anything related to money.  To fix this problem you need majority of players who do pay for this service to quit paying until they fix their attitude with tech support.

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