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Monthly price column in the game list..

laputalaputa Member Posts: 8
I think it'd be nice if you have one monthly payment column on the game list, so people can compare which game would fit best their pockets.  I would look for free games, of course.image


  • ramadinramadin Member Posts: 1,304

    None of those games are free.


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  • laputalaputa Member Posts: 8
    imageSo unlucky, I can't play free game.  But at least I still have a chance to play free beta testing.  And the "monthly payment" column should be added because players still have to find the best deal for their hours online, isn't it?image

  • MaximaneMaximane Member CommonPosts: 625

    If you examine our games inside our Game List you will notice we list both the box price and the monthly fee.

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  • killerTwinkiekillerTwinkie Member CommonPosts: 1,694

    In the future we are hoping to implement a way for our members to search the "Game List" by the amount the game costs per month.

    Though this feature is not added yet, it will be sometime.  image

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  • laputalaputa Member Posts: 8
    Hurray, I agree with the last staff image.  There're hundred of games out there, most of us don't have enough time to open one by one then remember which one is the best dealimage

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