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1 paragraph description plz

Ake_GamerAke_Gamer Member Posts: 112

I am having one heck of a time getting the "gist" of the Gpotato games. Can someone describe what the game entails in terms of PvP and end game?

The marketing teams focus on the technology features and does little to explain how their title differs. Faction PvP, open PvP, end game pve raids?

Is it really that hard to write a short description?

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  • deadsun7deadsun7 Member Posts: 112
    most of their games have a pretty basic pvp system much like maple story, ect ect. some of their games have a better pvp system then others but how far can u go with pvp? flyff and rapplez are the two best i've seen so far im going  to try corum online later today and see how it is. I reccomend flyff if your computer is a little older, rapplez tends to crash computer with graphic cards that aren't top of the line the reccommended requirements are 128mb video card but my computer has one and the game still freezes up my computer with the graphics on the game turned entirely down. rapplez doesn't have quiet a good character build as flyff does but has amazeing graphics. flyff on the other hand goes into pretty good detail on character customization (hair style - color - skills - and character building, such as stat points) which rapplez doesn't have, flyff unfortunately does have an emense amount of bugs which the company has been trying to fix for quiet a while but cannot figure out how. Most of the time there's an easy fix though, just log out then log back in.

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  • acerpg007acerpg007 Member Posts: 164

    I have nVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT 256mb.. am i ok with Corum Online? or even Rappelz?

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