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2Moons on TheFacebook

lovechiefslovechiefs Member UncommonPosts: 157
Hey guys

I opened a 1-2 month ago a 2Moons facebook community group

You can join at

The 2Moons group is dedicated to the upcoming 2Moons MMORPG game made by Acclaim/David Perry


Acclaim although having approved of the group,is not in anyway shape or form operating and/or sponsoring the group.As such Acclaim is not to be contacted and/or held responsible of anything happening in the group.

For questions or concerns about the group,please contact me at [email protected] or thru my messengers:



[email protected]




  • ScotScot Member LegendaryPosts: 20,361
    Get rid of this bloody forum bot, I am feeling like someone in a early access game. :)
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