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How MEO has impressed me already

SutterSutter Member UncommonPosts: 35
They are not rushing this game, I know it sounds odd, but there time frame for release is quote "when the games done" this leads me to believe that turbine isn't one of the companys that just pumps out unfinished games dime a dozen. I'm  Sooo tierd of paying to play games that seem to be stuck in perma beta. In MEO I see hope, in fact I'm decided to preorder the game(a 1st for me)

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  • waveslayerwaveslayer Member UncommonPosts: 448
    Well I am waiting on MEO even if Turbine did make AC2,which was rushed and terrible.Hope they learned their lesson.

    Godz of War I call Thee

    Godz of War I call Thee

  • DarktongueDarktongue Member Posts: 276

    You can blame MS mainly for AC2 fuxor .Turbine were bossed around and restricted in a lot of things they wanted to do etc.


    MEO has the potential to own all mmos...lets hope it does :)

  • TyrannicalTyrannical Member Posts: 5
    Although ac2 had very many problems I played it for a very long time and Ive found that I liked Ac2 Combat by far the most out of any mmorpg I have played, and also Skill advancement in Ac2 was great. I hope they do the same for MEO.

  • aaronmanzeroaaronmanzero Member Posts: 75
    i think they may be up for the task now they have made basically 2 ok games its time for them to hit big

  • brostynbrostyn Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,092
    Turbine came out with AC and AC2, not sure how good this game will be.

  • KrimsonKrimson Member Posts: 36
    Well lets look at the other side guys.  Yes Asheron's Call 2 was absolutly horribly, groundbreaking graphics, but "unfinished" gameplay image.  However Asheron's Call 1 was, before the developers started to mess with it in all the wrong ways, very very good, I would even go to say a game of the gods.  Turbine has the potential to make an amazing game.  And I believe that MEO will be a good game, but I cannot wait for D & D online, also in production by Turbine.

    This is the beginning of my past. This is the end of my journey.

    This is the beginning of my past. This is the end of my journey.

  • sschruppsschrupp Member UncommonPosts: 664
    I've stopped being impressed when developers say, "We won't release the game until it's done." SWG said it, HZ said it, etc. The developers may think that, and want it with all their hearts but there always comes the moment when some business suit that holds their checks says, "Well guys, I'm tired of waiting and I'm going to invest my money elsewhere so you better release it within a week from today." Now I'm not saying MEO *will* have this happen, but it wouldn't surprise me one bit. In fact I really hope it doesn't and that the developers can take all the time in the world to produce a wonderful game. I've just said the same thing about a few games and then watched it happen anyways, so I'm a bit jaded I guess. image

  • MerodocMerodoc Member Posts: 227

    Thanks for the post, you are one of the truly enlightened players who doesnt pressure a company to release a product before it is done. MEO will be different than a lot of games because of the hands on approach the developers have taken. And when they announced a delay of the release of the game on the forum, not a single person thought it was a bad idea. Good post!




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  • grove123grove123 Member Posts: 38

    Originally posted by sschrupp
    I've stopped being impressed when developers say, "We won't release the game until it's done." SWG said it, HZ said it, etc.

    thats true. There is always a dead line. Even with games that take over 2 years to make the devs feel that it still isnt done. Yet they have to release.

    And i agree with that. too many games now in days are takeing to long, b/c games are getting more complex and the staff number is pretty low. In japan they use like 100 people to make another crappy Mario game, but in the West we are stuck with 20-40 people who are responsible for creating a whole world with innovative ideas.

  • LaskLask Member Posts: 11
    I'm glad they are (and hope they continue to) take their time with this game. Its looking amazing, and there's hardly anything worse than a game that's rushed and comes out unfinished.
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