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sh1zazh1sh1zazh1 Member Posts: 19

whell i wonder if there are any gamecards out here for rising force online i maybe possibly begin to play this. only maybe.


so its that i wonder if there are any gamecards for this game.


whell i saw it know on there homepage for codemasters :D so its nice that they have an game card for 90 days :D



  • KerikaKerika Member Posts: 33
    Yes there is gamecards, but I'd recommend playing the 10 day trial before buying the game.  It wasn't what I expected.
  • christwariorchristwarior Member Posts: 126
    same here i expected a little more than what this game had 2 offer i knew it was gonna be a grindfest but at least in other grindfests the people actually talk (they r all bots in this game)
  • sh1zazh1sh1zazh1 Member Posts: 19
    actually guys i have allready played this game 1 time before and i like it so thats all whell but thx for ya concern :p even if it wasent needed but i whill play the 10 day game trial 2 before i begin ´with this game


  • XerqtionerXerqtioner Member Posts: 27
    Well there isn't exactly a game card for this, but when you purchase the game, it comes with a "card" like code that gives you a free 30 days.

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