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World population?



  • NeblessNebless Member RarePosts: 1,502
    Originally posted by moldyman44

    ..., but you might get bored of grinding (reaching level 10 across the board takes up to a month at most, and nothing requires more). And while PvP is great, this won't be a game you'll play for hours on end everyday, imo.


    But why would you want to be 10/10/10/10/10?

    What I've seen so far is depending on what 'profession' you decide you want to do, you concentrate on that area.  If you want to be a miner push in that area and blow off one or more of the others. 

    Just because it's a PvP game doesn't mean you HAVE to push in that area.  If I KNOW I suck at fighting then why grind in that area if it won't ever do me any good?

    Not sure about the addiction part since if you DO get into the game you do want to go play hour after hour.

    To the OP re: Population.  On Christmas Day there were 65 players on line in the morning and it went down to 55 in the evening with only about 6-8 (from all 3 factions) actively talking on Global Chat.

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  • PentamorphPentamorph Member Posts: 101

    The game needs more exposure. Although I rather like the smaller community feel, I'd like to see more subs simply so that the DEVS could have more resources with with to expand the game with.

    The back story, and foundation are fantastic. I love the combat...the feel of it, and the intensity are very addictive, and are why I log in every day.

    BUT, I see the game suffering in the long term, unless more content is added. I can see where people might play for a couple months, and get bored.

    It's really a condundrum. More players would help the game grow, but unless it grows, more players staying long enough to make the difference is unlikely.

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