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Ryzom: Still Going Strong?

I tried Ryzom in the summer and I want to know if it is still the solid, sandboxey experience that i loved.

I heard there was some financial disruption with the new owners of the game, but I still haven't heard if the change affected the game.

Is it still pretty populated? Is the community still helpful? Please share.



  • MetzgerMetzger Member Posts: 40

    Well, the company change didn’t affect the game at all to be honest. Community is great, Karavan and Kami still fighting over outposts, and kinchers still try to bite my head off whenever they get a chance.

  • SamuraiswordSamuraisword Member Posts: 2,111
    Ryzom was never going strong. It's always been a very small playerbase.


  • xxthecorexxxxthecorexx Member Posts: 1,078
    in the few months i spent there i met some VERY nice and helpful people, unfortunately the game just didn't hold my attention but the skill system in that game is really quite amazing being that not only can you choose what skills you want to level you can also modify those skills independently.. absolutely brilliant. the AI for the game is also quite amazing, creatures actually migrate and stalk you, it gives the mods an amazing level of realism. god.. thinking back i really wish they'd do something to improve this game, it has absolutely AMAZING potential.


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