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Please create a "Most Played Ranked MMORPGs"

BelgueBelgue Member UncommonPosts: 46

I really would like to see in the first page of this site a rank of the most played MMORPGs, it could be updated montly, and would consider the number of subscriptions, and to not be so complicated to manage it could count only the top 20 ranked games.

I've seen someone posted this info in another forum, it is over 1 year old... but you can get an idea...

Market share of all the MMORPGs stood thusly:


52.9% of market with 8,000,000 (+) subscriptions

Lineage I & II:

22.4% of market with around 3,000,000 subscriptions

Rune Scape:

6.3% of market with about 850,000 subscriptions

Final Fantasy XI

4% of market with roughly 550,000 subscriptions


1.6% of market with about 225,000 subscriptions

EverQuest 2:

1.4% of market at 190,000 subscriptions

Star Wars Galaxies:

1.4% of market at 190,000 subscriptions

City of Heros:

1.3% of market with 175,000 subscriptions

Ultima Online:

1.1% of market with about 150,000 subscriptions

EVE Online:

1% of market at around 135,000 subscriptions

Dark Age of Camelot:

1% of market at around 135,000 subscriptions

Toontown Online:

.9% of markey at 120,000 subscriptions

Dungeons and Dragons Online:

.7% of market with 95,000 subscriptions


.6% of market at about 80,000 subscriptions

All Other MMORPGs:

[including Asheron's Call, NeverWinter Nights, and Dark & Light]

3.3% of market with subscriptions from about 50,000 down to 25,000



  • Superman0XSuperman0X Member RarePosts: 2,019

    Those numbers are true, but they are also a comparison of apples and oranges. WoW has 8M accounts, but ~6M of them are not the 'normal' accounts. At last count WoW only had 2.2M of those. Lineage I and II is very similar (I dont have thier monthly fee accounts off the top of my head). Lets assume that it is 1M. (Ignoring any others that are similar) That DRASTICALLY changes the scene,


    WoW 2.2M (36%)

    Lineage I & II (16%)

    Runescape (14%)

    Final Fantasy (9%)

    SOE w/ Everquest (4%) + Everquest 2 (3%) + SWG (3%) (10%)


    I am willing to bet that if we change the definition to only include those that pay a monthly fee to play, that even these numbers are too high. It is clear that if we compare the market share of monthly fee paying accounts, that the lead is not as great as the initial numbers indicate. It would much more clearly demonstrate that the competition is much closer than originally thought.


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