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What is your tale?

Hello all,

I've been an member for quite some time, but it is only now that I 've decided to start posting on the forums. To every forum roamer, Hey there! So, what is your MMORPG history? How did it start? What did you like? What are you playing now? Here is mine.


It started off on the morning of a day that has slipped through my memory. I called up a friend via phone and started to chat, because who likes those IM things anyway? Back in my day... Anyway, he told me about this game that he had, the previous night, started playing a game that he told me I should start playing too. This game was runescape. I gave it a try, and despite the dull tutorial, I know I had stumbled upon something great.

I played runescape, enjoying it, for quite a while. Eventually, I decided to pay 5$/month to become a member and access the features. Runescape gave me a long run of fun before I finally got bored with it, and MMOs were off my mind for quite a while. Until...

The same friend gave me a call and told me about this other great game... Guild Wars. I played Guild Wars for a while, focusing mainly on PvE. Eventually, the PvE got dull and we left.

We went to City of Heroes. We had some fun with this, but it got dull after a while. A big patch made our computers run it poorly, and we quit playing.

Back to Guild Wars I went. This time I focused on PvP and discovered The great wiki was my bible that told me what was a good build and what wasn't. It told me every skill I needed to know. Having a good grasp on the PvP, I quit.

Finally, I decided to play the game that was rumored to be so good. I did research on it and it looked great. I bought World of Warcraft. The game was great - unlike any I had ever played. I good great fun out of it, but I mainly focused on battlegrounds and never even reached 60 on a character. I found the rogue great fun, but eventually, I quit.

I gave EQ2 a try, but it wasn't immersive. I did like it, but not enough. DDO, same thing.

I went back to Guild Wars now and then, and got better at PvP every time.

I went back to WoW and CoH to give them tries. They just couldn't hold me.

I stayed for about a month with Guild Wars GvGing in a hardcore gvg guild come the release of Nightfall.

That bored me eventually.

I had hopes for other games at that time, such as PotBS (signed up for beta) but my friend (same one) kept raving about a game he thought would be great! That game was Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Put simply... Yuck. I didn't mind that it wasn't polished as much as that it wasn't fun. Before VG, I had run in the LOTRO beta, and am currently looking to put more betas under my belt. LOTRO let me into the closed beta, but during the stress test I found it dull.

So now I eagerly await a select few MMOs including WAR and PotBS, among other non-online games sucha as Spore and console games such as SSBB.

I was thinking of going back to DDO, but am still debating with myself.

So, what is your MMORPG history?

Let's hear it!


  • DuraheLLDuraheLL Member Posts: 2,951

    Hello mate :)

    I started with Runescape just like you. That was my very first online RPG experience and it hooked me for a long time. Everyone as school was playing it so I gave it a try.

    I played for about 1½ years ONLY on free game. Which became very boring after a while when they started to remove tons of content for the free gamers so they could get more paying members into their game.

    One christmas, I received the best game I have yet played ever.... Star Wars Galaxies. This game was among the worst in performance and smoothness, but let me tell you, it changed my perspective upon how GAMES were meant to be played online. It had Sandboxing and multiclassing possibilities like I've never seen before. Since this was my first MMORPG I was very lost from start. With very poor tutorial instructions I faced the game alone and slowly started picking up the whole idea of the game.

    The most beautiful thing that struct me was that this game had no real "GOALS" but you made your own goals. You could try to be the best chef or the best mayor in a own build city, you could try to be the best PvP guild and take down all other guilds bases. Or ANYTHING you wished.

    Thus... and this is the saddest gaming experience I've ever had, was when one day, all of a sudden, the rotten A@@es behind the game announced a "ENCHANTMENT" for the game. Theese news came sudden and warned us only 2 WEEKS before the ARMAGEDDON struct. The game then changed into.... something that could have been a poor SCI-FI WoW version.... forget 30+ classes and multiclasses, now you get 9... yes only 9 and no possibilities to be different. After flaming my lungs out on their official forums and receiving my permanent ban on the site I knew I would never touch that stinking pile of horse radish again.

    After that I took a great rest from theese kind of games and started playing Battlefield Vietnam and other games on my ol' Playstation 2 again. WoW was released by the time the NGE hit SWG but I already hate WoW even before it was released because why would you play something so stupid and primitive when you had SWG that had everything? I thought.

    I then tried EverQuest 2 becasue a friend who had gotten really sick of WoW told me a story about how much fun he had with EQ back in the days. EQ2 felt like WoW to me, but it had more possibilities and more content to me so I cared to explore it a bit further. However, the levels which I wasen't used to from old SWG got me bored. Since that's the most stupid thing I know of in a game, level restrictions.

    After that I haven't really played anything else. I have tried about EVERY game in the list which has been released but none has had the UNIVERSAL FEEL to them that SWG had.

    One day, a friend told me about WAR online. And I thought at first "uhhh that's just another stupid level-grind-farm game"... but after getting some more in depth info on the game I slowly started to realize that this game wouldn't be like any other game. This game had some BAD-ASS attitude to begin with. Unlike WoW.

    So currently, I'm waiting for WAR online since I'm 100% positive it's gonna be a smash hit. The game is focused on PVP which couldn't have sound better in my ears. No more bladi-bla-bla PVE raiding for a new HAT or hours of grind just to get to the PvP part of the game.

    Don't get me all wrong though, I still love sandboxing games more than anything else but there aren't any ones that has cought my interest out there right now. EVE was brilliant but I got tired fast because I didn't like just flying around in a space ship. However I wish I could like it because it also has about anything I want in a game.

    $OE lies list
    And I don't want to hear anything about "I don't believe in vampires" because *I* don't believe in vampires, but I believe in my own two eyes, and what *I* saw is ******* vampires! "

  • liger00xliger00x Member UncommonPosts: 35

    lets see

    first i started with runescape that lasted about 30 min after realizing that mmorpgs are the thing for me

    second i went to knight online i was fun till i found better

    third i went to thang it was fun for a bit

    fourth i hit up roseon if you everplayed my name was sefier i was way popular

    from my wonderfull experiance with roseon its been a scramble of sro,turfbattles,this one game i for got the eglish name but in korea its called herricot or sumthin,lc,l2,wow,raycrash,monato,sof,corum,flyff,rappelz,guild wars my name on that was shardnova my knick name was pinkranger cus the red dye made my armor pinkish

    well any ways thats m story if you ever wanna drop a line look for a nova i usualy stat wih an element like heatnova


  • xAlrythxxAlrythx Member Posts: 585

    When I was a bit younger I stumbled across the online sensation known as Tibia

    I thought to myself, what kind of game is this? This is amazing, sure the graphics suck, but I am controlling my own creation as he becomes more powerful, I instantly thought these games were like Diablo II but completely online. I soon learned that the combat and the way you do things was entirely different.

    After trying other numerous free mmo's including runescape (although I thought it was terrible, but I thought Tibia was good ) I eventually found out about World of Warcraft being developed through my Diablo II addiction, I didn't take much notice when it was released as I didn't understand why I had to pay monthly with a credit card and I wasn't aware of gametime cards.

    About a year after WoW's release my friend came over and installed Ultima Online on my computer, voila I was on a private server, we enjoyed the game alot but eventually our server crashed and everything was deleted, so we stopped playing. Soon after that my friend introduced me to a WoW private server and we began playing that, I enjoyed it for awhile but didn't get into as much as my friends. The server lag, limitations and server issues annoyed me.

    After that endeavor came Guild Wars, I really enjoyed this game, it was great fun with my friends. We couldn't wait for factions, we all pre-ordered the CE. Factions was the biggest dissapointment I had faced for awhile, the missions were no longer fun, they were repetitive and annoying, the player base got worse, and now I had to fight the Flood from Halo + Halo 2.

    We all decided to invest our time in a real mmo, after learning of WoW's gametime cards we jumped on it. We enjoyed it for awhile, my 2 friends still play the game in fact, however I grew tired of it fast. I went searched for new mmo's and stumbled upon this site very quickly. So much choice and so much potential.

    FFXI was my next game, it was terrible, the progress was so slow, it felt like a job, I just wanted to have fun....

    Lineage II was the next stop, I loved it, yes it is very grindy, but it had this feeling, it just had style, I dunno what it was but I seemed to love that game....but soon enough at level 28, the grind took it's toll, there just simply was little to do but grind until the later levels so I eventually left the game.

    My mmo hopes and dreams were pretty much dying.....

    I trialed a few games in hope, EQ2 didn't tickle my fancy, SWG got destroyed, I could tell it was destroyed the moment I logged in... and a few others like MxO, CoH, EVE, Ryzom etc etc....

    VSoH creeped up on me, I bought the game thinking it would be ok like most of the beta testers said it would be....

    They lied!!!

    Worst mmo I have ever played to be quite honest.... why do people stick up for this rubbish? I have no idea

    I got into GE beta, great game, just not much to do, has massive potential

    LotRO came out of nowhere, I heard of it, but never thought much of it...

    I got accepted into BETA, and have found that it is the best mmo I have played ever....

    From here on we shall see where it goes...

    But I think I have found the game for me and I can't wait till it is released, that game is Aion


    Currently Playing: Everything but MMORPGs
    Cancelled: L2, FFXI, VSoH, LotRO, WAR, WoW
    Looking Forward To: SW:TOR

  • mbbladembblade Member Posts: 747

    I started with EQ back in 2000 and did that for 3 1/2 years and then i have moved from one to another ever since. Although i did play a few while i was playing EQ they just weren't the same for me so EQ was always my main game. Ever since i quit i can't find a game that suits me, the longest i have played since EQ was L2 with 10 months anythign after that is like 2-3 months MAX. So i have played many of them

  • ForcanForcan Member Posts: 700


    My first MMO is none other than Star Wars Galaxies.  I knew about the game about a year before it's released, and I thought it would be nice to play a Star Wars game with other people online... So I convinced my neighbor to join me in this venture into the MMORPG genre.  So we both went out and bought the game on July 4, 2003 (SWG released on June 28, 2003).  Let's just say that it was the best of time I even had playing a game. 

    During sometime in 2004 I decided to buy FFXI to see what's the fuss about (by the way, I play many of the FF series games already), and I find that it is a very interesting game, but overall it's hard to play on my own, so I basically go back and forth with SWG and FFXI

    Early 2005 I decided to stop playing FFXI, so went back to SWG only...

    Then when City of Heroes came out, I realize that it might be interesting to see what kind of game it is, so I bought CoH, and played for a while, it seems interesting, but I still mainly play SWG...

    When I heard of a game called RF Online, I checked it out, and when I see that it was mech stuff, I bought it and played it..

    Then I canceled it around the summer, since I can't play during summer (was out of country)

    When I came back, I still went back to SWG, but I starting to shifting to CoH for the main MMO to play...

    SWG was still my favorite... Until the dreaded Nov. 15, 2005... the release of the NGE...

    Even then, since I payed for a whole year, I play about a month of NGE... I thought it was an ok system, just on a wrong game... and they did it at the wrong time...

    Anyways, that's why I quit SWG, and focus on CoH/CoV (bought when I know I can have more slot in CoH).  Then I bought Lineage II since my friend keep telling me how fun it is, so I pay the fee for a year and started to play L2, but I still mainly on CoH/CoV.

    After all these, I canceled L2 (friend can't play anymore, and felt bored), started playing WoW in Sep/Oct of 2006 (another friend keep bugging me to play)... and I didn't like it as much.  It has the content, but just doesn't feel right to me...

    So now, I play CoH/CoV, WoW (sometimes), and I downloaded many free MMOs to play, such as Scion of Fate, Hero Online, Voyage Century Online, 9Dragon, and Perfect World International ver....

    I start to shift my eyes on the Asian MMO market (I'm from Taiwan, and I found out a few that might be interesting but they haven't released yet..)

    Current MMO: FFXIV:ARR

    Past MMO: Way too many (P2P and F2P)

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