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Poll: Favorite Class?

Just wonderin what your favorite class of character is...

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  • SyriSyri Member UncommonPosts: 230
    Warlock here. I like the amount of variety to the class, with the different pets and their different functions. Also talents seem to give a bit more variety to warlocks than they do to most other classes I tried.

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  • brokenneedlebrokenneedle Member Posts: 100
    Vote: Mage

    Followed by hunter then druid.  Mages are fun.  I feel like I have a lot of "outs" in pvp so not afraid to get my hands dirty.  Also not too hard to find a group for stuff.  Funnest class to solo was the hunter.  Loved messing with different pets (one hunter I had, I went crazy gettin the rare pets like the black lion in the barrens and then finally brokentooth from that uldaman zone.)  And they rock in pvp.  Only bummer was it was hard to get into groups for dungeons.  Druid was my first class (and 1st 60) so got tons of love for them.  Never mastered it like I see some druids now but I had a good time with it.


  • AntipathyAntipathy Member UncommonPosts: 1,362
    Rough order of how I like classes:

    1) Warlock -  Lots of stuff to do. So many ways to kill people. Very flexible and useful in a group.

    2) Priest - I enjoy healing :-). Never had any problems soloing as a holy/disc priest

    3) Warrior - Tanking for a good party in instances is fun, and pvp is really fun as a warrior, but solo pve is a little laborious.

    4) Hunter - Hunter pvp is fun. Soloing feels too much like easy-mode.

    5) Druid - Healing instances is good. But trying to solo as a resto druid was incredibly painful. And even in animal forms the number of skill options available at any one time is much lower than for many other classes.

    6) Rogue - Playing a combat rogue is easy-mode in either PvP or PvE. Cheap shot - sinister strike a few times, eviscerate. It's dead. Very repetitive. Playing a good stun lock rogue takes better reflexes than I would claim to possess.

    7) Mage -Found this class too repetitive. The same buttons over and over again.

    I haven't played a paladin or shaman to high enough level to be able to place them.
  • millerhelp0millerhelp0 Member Posts: 223

    rouge hands down

  • meat_bag0meat_bag0 Member Posts: 94
    Yeah I find its also funny to walk to someone that is just standing in town talking to thier friends or something when they are full health and in no danger whatsoever and yell, "ILL SAVE YOU!" and spam heal on them as a priest. Try it sometime if you play a priest and watch the reactions its a hoot. lol

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  • MidavegMidaveg Member Posts: 296

    Warrior looks popular in WoW. But i love both Warr and Pally but i cant vote both.

    All canceled. Waiting on Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning.

  • bes3rkbes3rk Member UncommonPosts: 59
    Warlock without a doubt!
  • laffncrylaffncry Member Posts: 92
    i go for hunter. i like to go soloing which if you're a hunter makes things easier.
  • GodliestGodliest Member Posts: 3,486
    I go for priest atm. I'm playing my shadowpriest and I got to say it's really nice, managed to kill a 3 lvls higher rogue by just using my dots. But I'm one of those who can never choose which class I want to play, will maybe switch to my hunter or druid later on.



  • kaskuskaskus Member Posts: 105
    for a change, i'll go for paladin...this class rocks!!!!
  • zakk_zakk_ Member Posts: 438
    Wait,Im confused..doesn't "everyone" prefer rogue cos they can invis and gank..

    Last I heard no-one wants stealth cos loads of griefers choose that class and f*ck the game up for "everyone else"

    Maybe all the stealth/griefers just haven't heard about this poll cos they're busy ganking?


    Screw WAR,gimme a stealth class,I like solo pvp you nubs.

  • helleluyahhelleluyah Member Posts: 28
    Mage here. I have a Warrior and Shaman and just started my Mage... and I just love it! (I'm more into the DPS classes).
  • JyhadJyhad Member Posts: 95
    I would have to go with Druid, I the dynamic of palying a bunch of different classes.


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  • DeathAngel34DeathAngel34 Member Posts: 28

    i like classes in the order:

    1)Hunter: they simply kick ass!

    2)Warlock: they are alot like hunters cept they use more magic and curses.

    3)Palidans:every1 likes a palidan in a group cuz they heal and give bonuses.

    4)Mages: they can hold there own and r good for team buddies.

    and the rest i eathier dont like or i just dont have an opinion on them.

  • PunisherXPunisherX Member Posts: 231
    I like the Hunter the best because not only does it level up the easiest, but it also is a long range which I love, but it isn't too bad of a short range fighter either!! I started out with a Night Elf Hunter and in only 2 hours I had a level 8!
  • DaruleDarule Member Posts: 39
    Druid here. But I'd be very interested in trying to play a warlock
  • LukainLukain Member UncommonPosts: 591
    Thats a hard one  with so many great classes to choose from , My top 3 are

    1: Priest " Shadow style"  with many options for a priest  either a supreme healer who is worshiped by groups  to a killing machine as a shadow priest  they are fun to play ... if only you could switch between the two  :)

    2: Mage : Gnome mage are the cutest kick ass mothers in the land , with the power to destroy many enemys at once, & travel to all lands in the blink of an eye  the mage is a force of pure power..

    3: Druids : duel function class , not only can you be a great healer/buffer & throw in some dots  you can with the right gear turn into an amazing Tank

    I could easy list a few more I loved playing ...
  • DenSirakDenSirak Member Posts: 51
    I love playing the Shaman class, I just wish Blizzard would stop nerfing us into oblivion.

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    LOTRO, Rift (beta) and WoW (on occasion)

  • NatoBNatoB Member Posts: 114
    I love the warrior class - i think they look the best all geared up - too bad they are the most nerfed class outta them all

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  • ferofaxferofax Member Posts: 82
    ...i currently like Rogues the most... stunlock then cream = ownage, lol.

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  • GamragGamrag Member Posts: 47
    Favorite is the warlock, followed by priest, mage and shaman(elemental).

    Not really into the melee types. Tried out playing a warrior and rogue and didn't like them.
  • ferofaxferofax Member Posts: 82
    ...yeah well theres those who like the safety of a few yards between, and then theres those that likes a more "hands-on" approach (which includes me). =)

    be a sweetheart, help me dominate the world...

  • Kaynos1972Kaynos1972 Member Posts: 2,316

    Shadow Priest are the best, imho.  But you HAVE to be shadow.

  • nimativitlumnimativitlum Member Posts: 48
    currently my favorite class is my main which is warrior..
  • Kinjo_HavicKinjo_Havic Member UncommonPosts: 234
    The Few the Proud the Druids!
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