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MEO Excitment!

I'm excited about MOE, and excited that Turbine gets another chance to make another epic MMP!

I loved AC1 but hated AC2.  From what I've seen of MOE so's going to be a hit!

*crosses fingers*

Welcome all!


  • d33daved33dave Member UncommonPosts: 12
    looking forward to meo. i'm really hopeing for a strong quest facet in the game.

  • BujinkageBujinkage Member Posts: 32
    He he! I am eager to see that game. I just wonder what will be the role of the ring in it??!?

  • ArchsrArchsr Member Posts: 16

    I would like to be part of the beta to get the feel of the game.



  • GaleenGaleen Member Posts: 4
     This game and this setting has to be very challenging.The books are a tresure. The movies were a triumph of Peter Jackson's interpetation of the story. The game needs so much more to be good. I love the Middle Earth from the books and all. I hope the game can measure up. I know it is very difficult to do.

  • jenronjenron Member Posts: 1
    I have always loved the way LOTR did their maps and I always wished I could play a game based on the maps in the books.  Now I will have my chance and I can't wait!!

  • DrizzinDrizzin Member Posts: 3

    I'm not to enthused about the game...looks awesome, and i agree that the movie was awesome..and the books are great..but the game seems that its gonna be kind of restricted.  Especially if you have to follow the storyline of the book/movie... maybe i'm wrong but i'm not totally enthusied...i'd rather spend money on Guild Wars image



  • philorthphilorth Member Posts: 10


    I am Philorth , member of the forever knights guild.

    We are like many others have started kinships in readiness and complete anticipation for the release of MEO next year.

    I believe that this MMORPG will be the best release probably in the next 2 to 3 years and the content and expansions will be huge giving the illusion and totally immersion into an RPG game that until now no other has.

    But hey that's just me opinion.

    Philorth image

    Please feel free to visit us at



    Strenght and Honour...












  • RyuunRyuun Member Posts: 14
    Exited Exited Exited Exited Exited imageimageimage



  • OrtexOrtex Member Posts: 5

    The most anticipated game for me! image I have been excited for over a year. I love Middle Earth. I love Turbine. This game looks to have integrity and depth. I can't wait to play it! I am not afraid of many things nowadays, but this game getting canceled is terrifying to me image. I hope that doesn't happen. I will be pre-ordering this one. Trust me, this game will rock!

  • Member Posts: 10

    There are lots of kinships started like the Forever Knights already...

    here's a list...

    I'm a member of EoM (elves of Mirkwood), it's been a kinship for more than a year now... which is just coolimage

    btw I like your site philorth, went there already as an ambassador from Mirkwood! image


    Onen i-estel Edain, ù-chebin estel anim

    Na-dem pedim ad,

    Onen i-estel Edain, ù-chebin estel anim

    Na-dem pedim ad,

  • SlangerSlanger Member UncommonPosts: 280
    I've been looking forward to this game since I heard about it. I've also seen the expected release date change many times.image First release date I saw was September 2004. I don't think they're going to reach that date. Summer 2005 sounds a lot more reasonable though. I'm sure Turbine can pull through with a hit though. I've seen how much they've been able to improve Asheron's Call 2, so I have high hopes for Middle Earth Online.image

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  • LaskLask Member Posts: 11
    I to have been looking foward to this game ever since I heard of it, for about over a year. I've been going to the official boards they have, they're pretty nice since the devs are there and listen to the gamers. Every time I see one of those movies I'm like, "Man, can't wait 'till MEO comes out!" It looks like this won't come out 'till Winter or Spring 2005 though, so I'll just play Guild Wars 'till then.
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