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  • AsheramAsheram Member EpicPosts: 4,907
    DMKano said:
    DMKano said:
    Yeh i'm sick and tired of looking for a new mmorpg so i'm leaving the site, it's a sad time for the mmorpg industry IMO. In 2003 there was sooo much hope and promise it was looking perfect, several mmorpgs ruined later or released as utter crap or even disappointments and i'm fed up....

    After looking at future mmorpgs atm theres nothing that'll capture my SWG experience back in 2003 until it was ruined by Jedi,JTLS and the CU + the NGE. Games like WAR and that are just boring resrictive level quest grinds and i have no interest in that anymore.

    Anyways goodbye people, don't put up with this crap coming from the industry and make a difference by not feeding them money.
     This website is like the mafia, you can never leave ! :)  Good luck in your gaming endeavors!  
    You do realize this post is from 2007?
    I barely realize a lot stuff. :)  and you know trhis guy is still here somewhere

    He necroed his own goodbye post so yeah
    so he is not allowed to reconsider even after 12 years? Does it need to be a hard set 20
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