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XP hunting spots

AnofalyeAnofalye Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 7,433

I see someone asking where to hunt for XP...I find it silly to answer 1 person for a particuliar level, here are my suggestion, just post your suggestion in the following form on this thread.


Level 1-5: Near whatever home you have.

Level 3-10: Well, I love to hunt in Crushbone myself and farm the belt/shoulderpad.

Levels 11-20: Oasis, Lake of Ill Omen, if very strong and powerfull twink, Netherlab could be motivating and challenging but hardly a wise choice.

Level 18-30: Paludal Caverns...if for any reason you like a slower life, you can go in HK/Overthere/Frontier Mountains/South Karana/the zones connecting to netherbian Lab....

Level 30-35: Great Divide/EW/OT/...

Level 35-40: OT/DL/KC

Level 40-45: DL/KC

Level 45-50: PoJ/PoN/PoD would be the best road once you can, if you like a longer life...DL/KC/Sebilis/VL/Charasis/Acrylia

Level 50-55: PoV if you can handle it...otherwise PoJ/PoN/PoD...for a very long life you can goes in KC/Sebilis/Charasis/Velketor/Cazic Thule/Acrylia Caverns

Level 55-60: HoH > PoTactics > BoT > PoV > PoN > PoD > PoJ > Cazic Thule > Velketor > Sebilis > Acrylia Caverns >Charasis > KC

Level 60-65: HoH > PoTactics > Bot > PoV > PoN(Reapers camp) > LDoN > PoD > PoJ > Cazic Thule



If I put a > I take the time to say where is best in my opinion, if I didnt, I was just to lazy! :)

I always love PoTactics and Velketor myself!  I hardly see the warlord telling me to not bring war upon his unworthy followers and to not test them!  So I really feel free to hit and run Tactics at my own pleasure, and I cant help but feel incredibly wrong to fight in HoH, so I just leave that alone.

LDoN is ALWAYS decent from level 20-60 if not the best place, as long as you are under the group average level!

I dont know GoD much, I get very angry and quit on this expension on some stuffs that were harbored for sometimes....So you need someone input on those new places! :)

There must be better spot in EQ now, I am an *old* player...

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  •  IMHO it would be better if you spelled out the entire names, since you are making your suggestions to help newer players. image

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  • AnofalyeAnofalye Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 7,433



    Newer players need to learn the 2 letters that design every zone, and it is not that hard to figure it alone anyway!


    It is like writting EXIT in ( ) beside CAMP...*shrug*, althought nice to add, it is unecessary overkill, but yes, nice to add if you care...I am just to lazy to check the post again. :)

    - "Coercing? No no, I assure you, they are willing to bring my bags and pay public transportation just to help me, it is true!''

    - "If I understand you well, you are telling me until next time. " - Ren

  • MatervaMaterva Member Posts: 5

    Ok let u on what i guess is a lil seceret or what seems to be .PC gets one of the best exp bonus  thats why everyone goes there from 11-24  but what most dont know is there is a newbie side to PC its is great from lv 5-11 .nothing in the first cave will argo on u unless you attack 1st . THe little musherrooms are not social but te bug things are  so they will help each other out whenfighting them close together.You get to it thru shadow weavers thicket  . hope this helps someone


    I think the exp modifire for PC is 30%

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