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EQ i need some help

FilipinoFuryFilipinoFury Member Posts: 1,056

i just started playing EQ evolution trying to stop my addiction to FF online and on EQ im only level 6 and i need some help to find new places to hunt im a palidin in qyenos not much is going on i cant level because i kill the monsters much much to easily and almost nothing experince

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  • MuppetHeroMuppetHero Member Posts: 208
    you need to leave that place and go somewhere new. Take the book to pok and ask around. just explain that your new. someone will help.

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  • Grim312Grim312 Member Posts: 7
      Kurns tower in Field of Bones is a good next step. you may wanna wait til lvl 9 or 10 unless you can get in a good grp. Btw Kurns has a nice exp bonus too!!  image

  • FilipinoFuryFilipinoFury Member Posts: 1,056

    MaX PoWeRs dadadadadadadadadadada MaX pOwErs! ! ! ! !

    On Time? On Target? Never Quit?

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