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Launch button on web page not displayed

shozikushoziku Member UncommonPosts: 95

Does anyone know what IE7 settings would cause the launcher web page to not completely display? It looks fine in Firefox and Opera 9 so I know what it's supposed to look like but of course won't launch from those browsers.

the launcher activeX control installed fine for IE7 but the whole box that is above the login is blank and shows a broken link icon. Because of this, I can't see any of the menu options in that whole part of the window in Internet Exploder.

I sent the problem to their Q&A but they're not responding.


  • stepha345stepha345 Member Posts: 12
    what what what what?can you speak english please?
  • AshGUTZAshGUTZ Member Posts: 339

    Do you happen to know if the form for it uses Flash or Java? You might not have the most up-to-dates of one of those which can cause that broken image to appear.

    You might also check your cookies.


  • shozikushoziku Member UncommonPosts: 95

    That post was from back in February, I've since given up and forgotten about Xiah. and the page is not flash or java, it's ActiveX as I mentioned. I was also using IE7 which was still considered beta at the time, so that may have been the problem who knows, whos cares now? The Xiah folks didn't care enough to fix it and so I can't be bothered with their game.

    And steph? sorry I can't dumb it down enough for ya to understand.

  • SuperX69XSuperX69X Newbie CommonPosts: 25
    Definitely Adobe Flash Player Messing With You There, Try & Enable It!
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