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Laggy game overcrowded server

folken666folken666 Member Posts: 1
Kal server  are busy all the time and u have sometime server shutdown .

I means u die and loose exp  ( for some lvl 2 -4 hours play)

really sux to see such thing  on that kind of game

better get on an other game where GM staf really care and make rollback when they screwed.


  • LuteMidnightLuteMidnight Member Posts: 11

    I've never had any lag on Kal so far.  I play on an old dell laptop (definitly not a gaming rig) and I have no problem with lag at all.  Of course, I play on the newest server with the lowest population.  But it's fine there.  It doesn't even lag at fishing spots where there are tons of people AFK fishing for weeks.

    However, I have heard a lot of people around the net having problems with lag on the older Kal servers, especially on those fishing spots.  So for anyone wanting to try out Kal, I'd suggest playing on the newest server, which right now is the one that starts with a B (sorry, I can't remember the exact name.  I know--I'm no help at all).

  • RavefighterRavefighter Member Posts: 11

    Bango? right?

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