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9 Dragons open beta

bhugbhug Member UncommonPosts: 944


Acclaim Games is pleased to announce the start of Open Beta testing for 9Dragons, our martial arts MMORPG. After several months of Closed Beta testing, 9Dragons is now open to all players for Open Beta testing.
725.21MB client
(Before you download 9Dragons, make sure you have registered for a FREE account on the left of this page .)

bug reports

9Dragons will remain free to play for all players, supported by in-game advertising and item purchasing



  • AmaraoAmarao Member UncommonPosts: 650
    Games a grindfest.
  • AgamedeAgamede Member Posts: 9
    Thanks for the headsup. I'd really like the webpage to actually look like something though...
  • ZoraciteZoracite Member Posts: 4
    They use Ingame ads like on bots .. made me delete the client right away.
  • atkafighteratkafighter Member Posts: 71
    This game had so much potential.  They have some nice visuals, and the quest system is pretty well done compared to other F2P games.  Problem is the game is pretty much grind until your eyes bleed.  I thik Acclaim is trying to find a spot in the MMO world, but eventually they will achieve something great.  This game is a fun distraction in small doses.
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