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When will Vanguard be dubbed EQ3

DijonCyanideDijonCyanide Member UncommonPosts: 586


  My current position about Vanguard is no I haven't played it, yet ... & I might eventually.  I pre-ordered (2) CEs of Vanguard, but will probably return them because I feel tricked by not being able to chose which (1) of the (3) ingame cards I wanted.  Simple solution SOE & Sigil by inputting a code to allow the CE players/customers to chose.  Eventually for long term duration I wanted to play (2) accounts having (1) to have Crafting & the other to have Diplomacy.  Sigil & SOE let us players/customers chose the ingame wand or horse-shoes though.  Even the regular version of Vanguard gives a scroll offering a littel bit longer sprint duration.  I'm sure of this because I've seen so many on the store shelves.  I've been following Vanguard for a couple of years now, originally on the forums however.  Anyways with my current system of: Athlon 2500, 1G dual-channel PC3200, NVidia 5700 Ultra, Raptor HD I doubt I could've played Vanguard at an acceptable rate.

  I'm a bit shocked at the rough launch of Vanguard given SOE & Sigil's history, but giving it's apparent rushed nature it makes sense.  I'm confident Vanguard will become better for those already enjoying the world of Telon in time.  Also, I'm hoping it will be more accepting to those players/customers that cannot go purchase a beefier machine right now.  The rhetoric about Vanguard being for more mature players & it being a gamers' game I think is a pile of ego droppings disguised to offset it's current failures.  I played EQ from Kunark to Depths.  Been dabbling in Guild Wars.  I trialed EQ2, but similar to Vanguard my machine would hiccup too much for the enjoyment.  Because of the nature of Vanguard will now be joining the WoW masses.  Whether that's good or bad I'll live & learn.

  Vanguard I'm sure down the little Telon bricked road will become a good game.  SOE & Sigil both have long histories in the MMO realm, riddled with good & bad puzzles that we as players/customers have all experienced.  So far the concept of Vanguard still seems hopeful & full of promise.  Vanguard's execution of deliverence to us by Sigil & SOE has been lacking.  Besides the absence of the strategy guide to coincide during release should've been an indicator that all wasn't rightly prepared yet.

  So live long & prosper EQ3, I await being a Vulmane, Raki, & a Kurashasa eventually maybe since lots more MMOs are being released soon too.  Though I've long since left EQ & it's too much of a grind to return playing & despite all of EQ's faults it was a good game so wake-up SOE I still want to go see an EQ movie. 


  • DijonCyanideDijonCyanide Member UncommonPosts: 586


      I've decided to return my (2) unopened Vanguard CEs Monday.  I'm not willing to PAY to play a beta game & from what the majority of the postings are from players, this game shouldn't have been released yet.  Even some of those enjoying Vanguard as is too has mentioned similar.  The deceit & betrayal from Sigil & SOE on Vanguard is a bit surprising.  Hopefully both companies will redeem themselves upon Vanguard in the future.  I'm guessing in about another (6) months we all as players/customers should take another look, at least consideration, at Vanguard.  By then it should have made considerable progress ... hopefully.  Also, to those of you loyal, blinded or legitimate, to Vanguard, Sigil, & SOE I hope they reward you for your continued patronage.  In a few months I might pick-up a regular copy of Vanguard.  Or should I wait a year for the Vanguard:SoH Game of the Year Edition?  May hollow promises in Telon ring true in the future & long live EQ3.    

  • LukainLukain Member UncommonPosts: 591

    Its allready been dubbed  EQ1.5  it dosen't deserve  an EQ3 tag .. Really in its current state it dosen't deserve the eq1.5 take  , maybe more like EQ0.5



  • Nitsu62Nitsu62 Member Posts: 97

    I've played EQ and EQ2 both quite a bit.  and VG is totally different.  or atleast as different as MMORPGs are from each other as all of them are pretty closely related, its just as close to EQ and EQ2 as it is WoW so really you could also call it WoW2.

    As far as releaase goes it had a GOOD release compared to other MMO launches and even compared to WoW's launch as well if you don't remember.  I have never seen an MMO launch where people weren't like oh its still beta... all of them have been like that!  if im wrong then correct me... but out of the MMOs i've played none have had a smooth launch and VGs is no different, and it actually launched just as good or better than most.

    Current MMO of interest: Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
    MMO background: EQ, UO, AO, SWG, PS, EQ2, L2,EQoA, WoW, WWIIO, and AC2

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