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This game is bored!!!  =S

What do you think???

I'm like a Vampire!! =)



  • drajildrajil Member Posts: 10

    This game is boring at start  and once yuve done the best you can and gotten your ships,crew,flag so on and so forth... Its fun at first but then after a year or so you WILL get utterly bored... But theres another Three-rings game called Bang Howdy with MUCH better graphics and theyre making another mmorpg called whisked(i think thats the nam) so three rings is giving a lot to look forward to...

    Personally i played for a year and a half got myself a respectable crew (24th in ocean since i left it) and a flag (rubbish), with a baghlah and a merchant brig but since i left it i havnt checked on anything. I got bored after a year and after another 5 months i gave it up.


  • truerune777truerune777 Member Posts: 44

    well its not "bored",its actually a pretty fun game where you can do puzzles with friendly community always beside you and its a pretty addictive game,i played non-stop for hours,course buying items in the game sucks but still,gaining all that money makes you feel good inside :D

    You have two choices,Die quick or Live tortured...choose wisely...I'll make you regret either choice

  • Jester92Jester92 Member Posts: 156

    Lol He is just saying its boring because he probably can only get fines in the duty reports cause he sucks horribly at it.

    If you were like me with 4 legendarys and 1 ult you wouldnt be thinking that.


    J. B.

  • darkb457darkb457 Member CommonPosts: 47
    Originally posted by andy22

    This game is bored!!!  =S

    What do you think???


    At least at actually helps to login, unlike most MMOs

    I'm serious for some of these games, you don't even have a reason to think these people are alive, much less playing.

    PP actually requires some kind of intelligence to do well, all alot of other games you just need to exist to be good at.

  • KillerhamKillerham Member UncommonPosts: 17

    If you believe this game is "board" or boring as soon as you start then you have not played the game the right way. This game is a sandbox MMO that is really quite addicting. Create a pirate, become an officer, make new friends, pillage and get PoE!  It doesn't even stop there! There are things called "Sea monster Hunts" which are like dungeons that appear around the world and players can get maps there. There is also an awesome PvP system in which players can work together to attack another flag (large guild) and take an island.  And all that is not to mention the COMPLETELY run player economy, and addicting  puzzles people do while sailing/crafting (Btw every puzzle you do has a meaning on the game e.g: when you sail you speed the ship up depending on how good you are.) which actually requires REAL skill!


    If you are lost or need any info about the game feel free to send me a PM or send a /tell yellowboots on the midnight ocean :)

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