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EK has died.

hp78hp78 Member Posts: 2
They have official announced the demise of the game once, but for some reason they decided to run the server for awhile longer. Recently the server stopped running and safe to say, it's now totally dead.

Used to be on par in terms of gameplay superiority with RO in the early days of online gaming but the game was pretty much ditched and the player base slowly died off.

To all EX-EK players , hope you move on and leave this piece of sh*t, good day ~ ^.^

Once you are hooked up to games, its even worst than drugs. =P unless your parents bans you from the internet! >.<



  • zetaro128zetaro128 Member Posts: 21

    Agreed. I havn't played this game but from the screenshots and the extremely few threads (two! two for crying out loud!) it looks like a pretty shocking game. That would explain why there are so few players and people that are interested in it.

    Are you having a bad day?
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  • whitedelightwhitedelight Member Posts: 1,544
    Are you just trying to post in every single forum at least 1 time Maggot?


  • cwpaulcwpaul Member Posts: 2

    Yup, it finally died.  There were just too many players like maggot.  Players that seek only to criticize and complain to mask the fact that they contribute nothing to the community... any community.  I enjoyed El-kardian more than I ever enjoyed WOW or Ultima.  It was a noble effort and I shall miss all the players.  For all EK players, "From the heart to the heart: May God stand between you and harm in all the empty places you must walk!" 


    Here endith the rant as the flames of hell pierce the floorboards

  • prince0zukoprince0zuko Member Posts: 12

    i'm a serious runescape crit and i'd like to say that i actually feel srry for this game and it's players..and i havent even played this b4. this had to take some effort.. i mean c'mon..every game takes effort to make.


  • skandlouzskandlouz Member Posts: 1

    Hmm sad yes, but i heard a Global Systems (Legion Online) has taken it from PAGN. are they doing anything with EK?


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