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Looking for a good beta test game or final... that is FREE

So heres the deal... i used to play old EQ back in teh day where the cities were populated and it was fun to be in... i miss that in alot of games... they are either too cartoony or just way to OPEN.... anyone know of a game that is FREE and is kind of like that... where the community makes it fun... you can run through places and actually see others going about. A game that isnt cartoony. thanks for your help all! i hope to hear from someone !


  • OsirisXOsirisX Member Posts: 2

    So far this is a free to play, but it is a one time buy in atm, Buy the game and your set its F2P and its got a large comuinty :)

    Hope this helps
  • SUMB44SUMB44 Member Posts: 182

    It's a pirate/18th Century sailing/trading/combat game.  It's ok.  It's got some translation issues with quests and their website.  It's enjoyable, it's free, it's worth a look.  It's currently in "open beta"...  but advertises itself as always going to be free to play. 
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