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Good Points And Bad Points

wally1wally1 Member Posts: 7

This is a good game because it keeps u interested, it would take a few years to get to the highest lvl which is realy long. but the bads points are that there is no support 40% of the ppl hack u dissconnect alot and u can get so many hacks done on u1

delete hack=ppl delete ur profile or just ur character by just knowing the name of ur character,doesnt happen that much

speed hack=ppl move around and attack monsters or u about X10 times faster loads of ppl have it

lvl hack=they have 2 characters and kill 1 of there own characters with their other 1 and while its already dead they still attack it and go up lvls X50 times faster fair amount of ppl have it

mp+hp hack=ppls health regenerates in about a scond so they cant really die but that only in  a small area,not many pll have it

otherwise its not a bad game espesialy when u are a really high lvl u can use hacks aswell if u can get some1 to send them to u but i would think its that safe!!! and u have to know what u r doing hope dats helpfull

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