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Awsome game!!!

k_brok_bro Member Posts: 11

Ashen empires has good graphics not the best but good proper night and day which adds to the effect of the game.Compared to dransik the first ashen empires its graphics are 10000x as good but dransik wasn't a great achievmentI give the game a 8/10 rank.Unfortunately its letdowns are the fact that on free play you can only reach lv 10 which is a real dissapointmentAnd for new players it gets boring extremly quickly.The enemys are pretty lame the usualls orcs goblins and chickens?!?!?Its easy to start so try it see what you think



  • KultaKulta Member Posts: 25

    DO not bother unless you really just want to stand in one place and lag up time after time.


    The positive things are ; it makes you appreciate games that really care and offer quailty for the money.


    This is not one of those games


    in a matter of 5 months (returned to AE when IWG got the game) I put over 200 Euros in with the expansions and  monthly payments. Of that time the last 2 months I could not even play because lag was soo bad. Roll backs, lag, and now buy this and buy that instead of monthly fee

    I loved this game for soo long and now I feel cheated 

    PS regarding free play.. read carefully before you fall for that one

    Unless you are at least a certain level of  paying to play , you are soo limited on free play that you will never reach high levels,

    Well maybe your kids can, if they are born today and you start their account and play for them till they are 18 then give them the account. Maybe they can be level 100.

    PS I was level 103/105 so I did play the game and gave it more than a fair chance

    Search and read their forums. IF they have not buried the problems to far you will see how many players and for how long they have been suffering..


    Be smart play wow ,. or some other well managed  and dev game

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