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I can't uninstall this game

KingfingerKingfinger Member Posts: 10

I have downloaded the beta for 9 Dragons awhile ago, and found that it wasn't for me. Now, when i right click on the short cut, i get the delete shortcut or go to add/remove menu in order to remove game option.


 BUT, there is no listing for 9 Dragons anywhere in my add/remove menu. Any help?


  • UploadUpload Member Posts: 679

    Start > Set program acces and defaults > Change or remove programs

    Hopefully that will do the trick. If that doesn't work either, leave another message on the forum.

    EDIT: If it isn't there, try Start > All programs > Acclaim or Persistent Wolds/9Dragons

    If you cannot find it there either, ask yourself if you havn't uninstalled it already.

  • CubbycatCubbycat Member Posts: 39
    Can you not find the program anywhere? If you are an XP user you should be able to find it one of your folders in All Programs in the Start Menu. If you can't find it there, try right clicking  on start and pressing Search... and then type it in to search for it.
  • ahheggsahheggs Member Posts: 6
    i had the exact thing happen to me it (i was just killing time until i got my 2moons invite) , this could be a stupid question but did you try start>all programs>9 dragons and then remove 9 dragons that's how i did it....
  • daeandordaeandor Member UncommonPosts: 2,694
    I was able to find it in:

    Start > Acclaim > 9Dragons > Remove 9Dragons

    Since I still play, I have not tried it and am hoping that once I do use that, it gets rid of gameguard.  What a piece of junk that program is.
  • deathwish52deathwish52 Member Posts: 5
    THis happened to me on acclaims other game 2moons, my dl froze at the end for some reason, but it said the game was installed and menu came up in everything. I couldn't uninstall, so I selected repair and after it was done I could uninstall, if you alreafdy havent done this give it a try.
  • NovableNovable Member Posts: 1
    I was able to do a search for "Remove 9dragons" and it came up with the appropriate file. Thank you daendor.
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