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Is it Entropia Universe realy free ? Yes and No

Is it EU really free?

Yes and NO !

While it is free to join won't be free to play and have fun for longer time without depositing. Ok, now some ppl will say that it is possible to withdraw your money back to your bank account. Keep in mind that you can not withdraw under 1000 ped (~$103) . And if you have to wait up to 90 days for your money to be back in your bank account, while it takes some seconds to deposit them. Isn't that a nice feature? 

You have another option to withdraw , buying Entropia Cash Card so you can withdraw from any ATM in just some seconds BUT for this card you have to pay 200 peds (~$21)  + % taxes. Oh....by the way right now you can't buy Entropia Cash Card because MindArk don't like ppl selling out and leaving Entropia Universe.


Bringing the truth,

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