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Level 50 in 2 days (Hoax)

A buddy of mine who loves the game because of slow leveling sent this to me

Some guy is already a level 50 in game on the Flamehammer server.


  • SpeedMannSpeedMann Member UncommonPosts: 333

    Sure doesn't look like a 50 level character. No armor or anything.

    Just doesn't look like a 50 level guy. Not that i've seen one yet.

    Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

  • aspiinaspiin Member Posts: 66
    Its called no life. Nothing is impossible (gaming wise) when your day consist of sitting in front of a PC.

  • KnivesOnlyKnivesOnly Member Posts: 401





  • ravex5ravex5 Member UncommonPosts: 64

    I think its a gm because he is 50 on more than one server and there is about 6 50s per server now

  • wrkeechwrkeech Member UncommonPosts: 116
    I'm not sure it's entirely accurate.  remdag shows up as a level 50 character on 4 different servers... but does not show up in any leaderboard searches.  He also shows 0 kills and 0 deaths.
  • JonMichaelJonMichael Member Posts: 796


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  • it says in the screeny "You Set Your GM Status to: True"
  • matraquematraque Member Posts: 1,431
    Those guys are the Event GM or something similar.  Their stuff also mention parts of their guild name.

    I could find the info somewhere, but it's getting late.

  • stylee99stylee99 Member Posts: 116
    Originally posted by Cikbik

    it says in the screeny "You Set Your GM Status to: True"
    Good eyes.
  • AndirAndir Member Posts: 232
    If you look at the picture, he's level 1 in the picture, has all relic gear...etc.  It's hacked, forged, or a GM/Guide playing around.
  • TniceTnice Member Posts: 563
    Originally posted by Cikbik

    it says in the screeny "You Set Your GM Status to: True"

    Good catch.  I did not think that could be possible.

  • MX13MX13 Member Posts: 2,489

    That "some guy" is a GM, as someone else has pointed out. GM toons are characters and do show up in the lists if they were created after the new site went up. They only level 1 or 2 times...

    To the OP: Please correct your title, no need creating any more trouble around here, there's plenty so far...

    I'll start my own SWG... with Black Jack... and Hookers!!!

    In fact, forget the SWG!!!!


  • terrifiedterrified Member Posts: 143
    he is a gm in fact he Rendag shown in the screenshot contacted me responding to a petition why they get to be in the ranks of vanguardplayers is unknown
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