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Ive played a Few other MMOS, I play mmos for the PVP aspect, and i was just wondering how the pvp is in this game. I tried a few different sites including the offiical site looking for information but couldnt really get any good info. 

How does the pvp work in this game???? is it like wow faction based?? like diablo where u have to turn pvp mode on??? or is it more like shadowbane where you can kill anyone anywhere???

Can you loot the items on someones corpse when you kill them???  

are there any player built cities and city sieges or any way to destroy peoples assets ???


anything help


  • SWGforrevaSWGforreva Member Posts: 194
    I'd say pretty bad right now, as it is any caster class, even a healer, can take anything down in like 7 seconds..
  • KnivesOnlyKnivesOnly Member Posts: 401

    lol yeh i was like woah that druids doing 3 vs 1 :O


    I cudn't even do 1 vs 1


  • rvjones10rvjones10 Member Posts: 100

    All I know is that you can attack anyone above level 7 within a certain number of levels of your own.  Based on the difference in the levels the winner loots a percentage of the loser coin. I think its around 10%. There is also an infamy rating that shows your success in pvp ( higher the more successful).

    The problem I have is you don't get a feel of the people your dealing with. I  would like to see a system where unprovoked rpk's lead to a different rating or karma than someone who simply defends themselves well. It seems like quite a few people are jumping others while they are using shops or crafting. They need to make locations where you can't pvp ( like in crafting stations ). Don't get me wrong  I do like the pvp, I just don't like it to be a mindless free for all. I'll go play an FPS if thats the case.

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