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2D Free 2 Plays?

Anyone have any suggestions for a 2D free to play EXCEPT maple story?

( Any 2Ds that are already out )

wow im so cool


  • RobindetRobindet Member Posts: 22
    You can find Ultima Online shards (servers) that are RP (most of them are) and free to play, this is a 2D game and it is really a good game. I'm not totally sure these shards are legally allowed but they are for most of them really interesring to play in.

    "When all else fails, send a Templar."

  • coffee_headcoffee_head Member Posts: 4
    Tibia is a free to play game.  Also its PvP, very fun!
  • chillikingchilliking Member UncommonPosts: 240
    conquer online is the game for you mate

    It has 2d graphic with 3d effects, and u dont need a super computer to play it...               
  • traquenatraquena Member Posts: 298
    Any link on maple online?
  • traquenatraquena Member Posts: 298
    I check the conquer online I believe it's not a 2D games
  • MasakariosMasakarios Member Posts: 9
    I strongly recommend looking into Lunia. It's just been released and made by the creators of silkroad. A good 2D game with original features. Plus it's still in beta so you still have time to get onto high rankings when it comes out very soon (think end of June).

    Masakari Out.

  • zuz3xzuz3x Member UncommonPosts: 63
    Diablo 1-2!  2d/3d  diablo was my favorite
  • turokkturokk Member UncommonPosts: 44
    mm Ghost online
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