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I'm so sick of this once great, now shameful game

AguyAguy Member Posts: 561

I've gotten to level 87 so I know what i'm talking about.


Runescape used to be such a fun game but now it's just crap.  Nobody in it has common intelligence anymore.  If you post a thread on the forums, it is filled with spam.  The rules are what really gets me though! We can't say words like suck, crap, gay, etc.  And in the off-topic forum, we cannot discuss political stuff. What the hell?

If you want my advice, don't play this game! At first it's like a dream come true, but you soon discover because you are only a level 5 you will be treated like garbage.  And if you get to a high level, you find there is just nothing to do anymore.


So yeah, do not join this game!


  • warriorangerwarrioranger Member Posts: 3
    First, level 87 is high enough say anything about high levels.   Because I am level 105 and 1723 total but still have lots to do.

    Rules are there to protect other peoples feelings. You might not offend by saying Gay but some people might.

    I don't even like to see people saying "what the hell" . Obiviously, you don't like rules and without proper rules, there would be chaos.

    So yeah, we are glad to see you go. Have fun at other games.
  • Yankees92292Yankees92292 Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 47
    I realize that saying words like Gay could offend some people but jagex has gotten out of Control on what they censor. If you spell something wrong then all that comes out is this:*******...I reached lvl 82 but i didnt quit because of censorship, i quit because of boredom and curiousness towards other games.

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  • pk3rpurepk3rpure Member Posts: 86
    runescape in general has gotten worse not better.. runescape ust to b my fav but now n00bz run da game... U try to ask a simple question and they start swearing at u in leet. Or they some times start following you... I once had a person follow me for 7 hours!!! Also there are too many auto miners. The only redeming feature is when u become a member. Usually the n00bs are gone by then.  Another problem with runescape is the censoring... I meen sure censor f*ck but at least leave me hell or crap. also sometimes wen u spel sumthing rong all u get is ********...; if u spel sumthing with 2 w's together (like this: wwat?) it will become censored! its so bloody annoying.

    The best bit about runscape tho is dat the quests neva run out and the stats r pretty good, oh also the pvp is o.k.

    if u eva need help in game pm me 2hkiller 99  or 4rch3rp3r50n

    im not super high lv but im extremely rich


  • Ryou_FarseerRyou_Farseer Member Posts: 1
    I've gotten to level 80-something, and it's been so long I don't quite remember which.  But the only redeeming quality is membership, and even then it's still boring.  When you finally get to a higher level, and realize you can't use grammar because it's either Censored, or the noob you're trying to communicate with can't understand you, it's lame.  Sure, it's something if your computer sucks, I can reccomend Runescape.  But be warned that you will be forced to use noobspeak, and you'll want to brush up on your noobology because there are few who have an IQ over three-and-a-half.  

    Most newbies are treated like crap, and almost every Higher Level is a total douchebag.  And they can't talk either.

    (And the censor's ridiculous.  Second main reason I quit was I could no longer say my brother's name.  "Sparda.")

    Ryou Farseer

  • pk3rpurepk3rpure Member Posts: 86
    yea there r some good bits 2 runescape. ATM im doing a game review on it for sk0l (cuse ive played so much) my favorite about runescape is u dont have to fite... if u want u kan sit and make armor for hours.... does get boring tho. its the most addictive game eva... if u want to save ur childhood dont play. if ya dont rly care and u got a shite comp then its great


  • ASmith84ASmith84 Member Posts: 979
    then dont play it anymore its that simple.
  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 40,894

    You know what... I've never seen the words "Great Game" and Runescape in the same post.... much less the same sentence....

    Seems like you took a long while to finally come to your senses....


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