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Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning: Chaos Marauder Class Announced

Warhammer: Age of Reckoning January Newsletter has been released and gives us the first look at the Chaos Marauder. There are also character class updates, a look at the Norsca Zone, more Beasts of War, and tons of other updates. The following are some parts of the January Newsletter. The first quote comes from Paul Barnett describing the Chaos Marauder. The second piece is a look at the Chaos zone Norsca. To sign up for the Warhammer Online Newsletter click here.

"He's a great big Viking who's gone bad! a crab-clawed hulk! They are dead good! Marauders rock!"

In the eyes of most citizens of the Empire, Norsca is a wild and untamed land, full of dangerous creatures both natural and unnatural. Perhaps this is true in the deep north, but along its southern borders where Norsca joins with the northernmost provinces of Kislev, a civilizing influence has taken hold. Here, brave adventurers and resourceful frontiersmen who don?t feel at home in the cities and towns of the south cross the border into Norsca to find their fortune.

For all the settling influence of civilization however, the dangers for which the land is known are quite real. In the northern reaches, barbarian tribes and followers of Chaos are numerous, and their raids frequently strike deep into the southern regions of Norsca. The residents of the villages here sometimes forge pacts with these tribes, intermingling and opening themselves to the influence of the Dark Powers through their alliances. Thus, even the most civilized of Norse are not to be trusted by righteous men. The greatest dangers of Norsca are less commonplace by far, for this is the staging ground of Chaos.

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  • Warlord27Warlord27 Member Posts: 67

    The marauder looks very bad ass.  Who doesn't want to play a guy with a giant crab claw?  I think it's probably the coolest chaos class yet, and certainly the most chaotic.

  • paadepaade Member Posts: 471
    when fighting, does it also look like its waiting for a buss while flashing in rainbow colors? Just asking cuz thats what WAR combat looks like.
  • AdrianSAdrianS Member Posts: 14
    Originally posted by Warlord27

    The marauder looks very bad ass.  Who doesn't want to play a guy with a giant crab claw?  I think it's probably the coolest chaos class yet, and certainly the most chaotic.

    the thing is everybody will run around with the same mutation.

    there will be an army of crab hands.random mutations would have been better.it does look cool,but will it still with 20 other identical figures on the screen?

  • GrömGröm Member Posts: 303

    Hmm.. Probably but as Barnett said it will depend on the area the character will be, what it does, etc... But I kinda do agree.

    Maybe they'll do mutations, or so I hope, like it was in the old late 80s core rule book Realm of Chaos - Slaves to Darkness/The Lost & The Damned.

    There was a random table of mutations that you could play out, some had advantages others not. I'm not saying there should be disadvantages, just that there's a lot of ideas therein that maybe they should look upon.

    Just to name a few beside the crab-arms:

    Overgrown body part, Prehensile Tail, Razor Sharp Claws (I think this one was already mentioned by P. Barnett), Skull Face, Scorpion Tail, Tentacles, Pseudo-Daemonhood (physical appearance but not necessarly having full daemon powers or just having some of it - like incasing fear upon foes), Rapid Regeneration, Iron Hard Skin, Horns, Crossbreed (half beast-[any kind]-half man), Wings...

    The list is quite huge, maybe some of you remember playing those mutations as a RPG´s GM. This was just an idea as also a response to AdrianS. But I do hope, and I'm almost sure the Dev team is aware of that fact (similiarity between players, mutaions, outfit, etc...).

    Refering to the videoclip of Barnett explaining/presenting the Marauder we should be aware to the fact that it was probably just an example, as most things said so far.

    I know I'm probably just one more person trying to pull down people to that fact, that it is all stil in development. But we got to be patient, trust (or at least try to trust) the dev team and all at EA Mythic.


  • checkthis500checkthis500 Member Posts: 1,236
    The way Paul described the class, the mutations will be an ability to use.  Whether they are time based, or not he didn't say.  I'd prefer a mutation that would last a long time, just because a gift from a Chaos god is not going to go away when you want it to.

    The crab claw was an example.  He also says it'll be able to mutate into spikey pieces, and in the concept art.  One of the marauders has something that looks really sharp, while the other one has something that looks like an alligator's mouth, so who knows.

    I live to fight, and fight to live.

  • GrömGröm Member Posts: 303
    Indeed Checkthis, forgot about that too... There's so many things mutations could do. Chaos is (or could be) really the thing that keeps WAR away from other MMOs.
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