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mmorpgs with guns

isint it any mmorpgs i mean 2d online games with guns beside graal. and matrix going too be fun but eny mmorpg with guns out yet i have lookt many homepages didnt find hope they do one if no ones is out yet and hope its free not about the money but i dont have credit card if i had id buyd, so if u find an,free,2d,mmorpg,with,guns,or,2d world,like,matrix then post wher download and wher register or the official homepage, thanks for all help if get,and please english not korean i dont expect to get a url im only glad if someone knows one and tell wher.


  • TzaleTzale Member Posts: 143

    Face of Mankind.... This game get's so little attention here on the forums, it's amazing.... It's going to cost money each month, but you can buy time at a store, and enter the code in to pay. Also Paypal will be accepted.


    Read the entire site, it's really a nice game I've been waiting a year for and BETA comes out later this week.




  • KnowledgeKnowledge Member UncommonPosts: 140
    The best I've played so far is Endless Ages, i think you'll love it.  I gave a review for it on a previous topic.  It has a free trial.  Give it a shot, you won't be sorry.

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