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Thank America Here

ZippyDodahZippyDodah Member Posts: 120

Lets use this thread for Europeans to tahnk America for the freedom they enjoy every day. Sure is a lot easier to play MMO's without tanks rolling down the street.



  • StaircaseStaircase Member Posts: 29
    seriously you must be joking.
  • PumaGangstaPumaGangsta Member Posts: 1
    Dude, my first post and I say: " FUCK YOU"

    I just have no words to explain this

    (I also hate all those americaines that also think like this or think like they are the best)

  • duke121005duke121005 Member Posts: 4
    Everything thinks they are the best. Stop being bitter because you know what he says is true.
  • StaircaseStaircase Member Posts: 29
    Seriously you must be joking
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