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Best Laptops?!

Im Looking to buy a new laptop that can handle new mmorpgs.

what set up do you think is the best for my dollar?

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  • xpyrofuryxxpyrofuryx Member CommonPosts: 1,587
  • FilipinoFuryFilipinoFury Member Posts: 1,056
    Two of my friends got laptops from there.(ibuypower.com) One came DOA the other broke after a month or two. One returned his for a full refund the other switched it for a brand new one which  broke 8 months later. You'd be better off throwing money at a baby elephant.

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  • RK-MaraRK-Mara Member Posts: 641
    You should buy a desktop pc.


  • dsorrentdsorrent Member CommonPosts: 1,627

    A year or so ago I bought a Dell and it's working great still. I wanted the XPS but they were ridiculously expensive, so I did some searching and found NotebookForums which had some good info on it. I wound up buying an Inspiron 9300 and then getting a 256mb 7800 GTX from the parts direct part of Dell, telling them I had a XPS system. After I put the new video card in, the total of my system I think was about $1,500 and it was the equivalent of the $3,000 XPS system minus the gigabit ethernet port (since that's not changeable). In the past 6 months I also changed out the wireless card for an Atheros one which supports 108Mbps, since that's the wireless router I have.

    I've been happy with it.

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