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Game based turns MMORPGs?

AnofalyeAnofalye Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 7,433

Hiya guys,


Like usual, I like to throw hypothetical solutions to an hypothetical design.  In order to make it work, what do you think a game based turn MMORPG would need(game based turn mean not real time)?


I think it would need the following myself:

- A system where players are usually *FAR* from each other(1 cleaning the courtyard, while another cleaning the throne room and another at the entrance).  The reason is pretty simple, if you have to wait for the slower player at every turn on a regular basic, it honestly kill the game.  With a *far* system, the computer know at least how many turns are required for the 2 players to be in contact, thereby it can allow you to play all those turns even if the first player is progressing slower, so instead of waiting after player 1 every turn, once you have to wait for him, you go hug your other half, get a beer, play a mini game, but whatever, you dont keep waiting behind computer! :)  The *FAR* come as a dire need, but it also increase the thinking a lot more, since you cannot help your fellow allies right away, any action you do to help them take time to reach them(could be as simple as cutting a renforcement line for the enemies or sending a NPC to help him, but can get a lot more involving and complicated fast).  Of course a timer on every turn is required as well, yet, I think that removing the need to wait every turn is FAR more important then a timer, I mean, let say you can play 5 turns in advance because you are far from each other, the other is slower then you and before you have 5 turns in advance, maybe you have played 30 turns, so you have to wait only once(longer, but you can have a mini game or a RL break or whatever during that time) instead of waiting the 25 turns he play, not to mention that maybe some turns he was faster then you, which mean he have wait a little as well...  In such a system, the computer music can be different according to how many turn in advance or behind you are, without been aggressing, it is a warning while you can even change room if you dont care to play a mini game on the computer while waiting.  Of course, you can be *close* to another player, but I think it should be more for the finish move and not even always...so players should have incitation to work on their side of the maps with their toons, while they can send NPCs do stuff on the other side, it should not be them that come in contact with the others players, if only for a smoother gameplay with fewer moments to wait...a small wait every turn is very very very bad and annoying.

- I honestly think players love to control more then 1 character in a game based turn, more like a small group for each player, with abilities to increase the size of it and recruit some NPCs(that the computer would control since NPCs, thereby less usefull then a full member, yet, so very nice to send as support to other players without breaking your game play as to wait on them every turn).

- An easy, progressive system, that get more complex as you gain experience, but at level 1, it should be very easy.

- Nice graphics are always an edge, but I dont think they are a priority here, clean cut and easy to figure graphics are nicer to get an overview of the situation.


Anyway, what do you all think?

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  • TaskyZZTaskyZZ Member Posts: 1,476

    I have thought about this. It could work... One thought I had was intead of being completely turn based, where it waits for everyone to take their turn, turns could be time based. You choose your current action, and it happens after every 4 seconds or something. That way, if someone doesn't choose an action, it doesn't hold up the game, they just get a no action or a repeat of the action they chose last turn.

    It would be an excellent way for a strategy game or a political game to be played out. A game that doesn't require real time action.

  • AnofalyeAnofalye Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 7,433

    Woot I am not alone to want a game based turn!!! :)


    Yes, a set amount of time could work, but I fear it would mean either to many downtime or to little time to think your turns...this is why I want a simulteneous way to play our turns and be free to go a few turns in advance or behind with some distance between each players(if it take at least 5 turns for a player to come in contact with you, there is no reason you have to wait every turn and cant start it right now).


    Yet, I would most certainly try any!!  Oh yes! :)


    Oh, if a timer run out, the computer need to play you instead of you doing nothing, and it must not be a great move, yet, it must be something(like complete defense/healing).  Maybe even play another turn to avoid you been cut every turn that way, so you have 1 turn ahead to think you moves and all. hehe

    - "Coercing? No no, I assure you, they are willing to bring my bags and pay public transportation just to help me, it is true!''

    - "If I understand you well, you are telling me until next time. " - Ren

  • KnowledgeKnowledge Member UncommonPosts: 140

    It's actually called a "Turn-Based Game" not a Game-Based Turn. Usually refered to as Turn Based Combat.  image

    This was actually attempted in the earlier stages of Rubies of Eventide and I must say it was a really cool game then.  There was a timer on your move otherwise if you took too long you would just auto attack.  I beta tested a few years back with my brother and, though the graphics were pretty bad, the combat was very fun.  Unfortunately they changed the combat and replaced it for better graphics, which really just looked like a DAoC clone, sending themselves down the devil's throat

    I would definately like to see turn-based combat, cutscenes, and more in-depth quests in some up-comming MMORPGs.  Instead of keeping us playing by trapping us in a leveling treadmill I think it would actually keep us playing for the fun of it.  I think you should level as you play the game, not play the game to level.  Right?


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  • Jump0ffJump0ff Member Posts: 14
    something like chrono trigger would be nice......image... jus thought of something..... Chrono Trigger MMORPG!  going through different time eras and all that

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