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MATRIX ONLINE...why no folder?



  • XaldorXaldor Member Posts: 236

    Originally posted by rathma

     Yes it is, and if you would direct your eyes to the development folder, you will see "The Matrix Online".

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    I made this thread before there was a Matrix folder...just thought I'd let you know...Xaldorimage

  • MaxxxMaxxx Member UncommonPosts: 389

    gg bring up a thread that is 4 months old...

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  • SketchSketch Member UncommonPosts: 337

    Originally posted by protoroc

    Well first off u dont know the end...MO takes place after the 3rd movie, a tense truce as been formed, and MO will become the battle of those who want to be freed and those who want to live in bliss...im sorry this game has lots of potential if the devs dreams come true...imo it has the ability to be the most immersive game world ever made in mmorpg just due to its modern day setting

    Good points, and I didn't actually mean to refer to it as a bomb. What I actually meant to say was the gimmick will have it's charm, but will lack long term playablility... How the hell that translated into bomb from thought to type I don't know but hell I'll just blame it on a brain fart... As for the story bases, that definantly sounds more interesting then it being based between the movies, but I still think it will lack long term appeal.



  • fulmanfufulmanfu Member Posts: 1,523

    all they have to do is get this thing released and tons of people will buy it becasue of the name.

    i was in gamestop, asked if they had a release date for a few mmorpg's, and they 2 guys working there started telling me how cool MxO is going to be.
    On a side note, they took all the computer games off the wall displays to make more room for console, now they are all stacked, book style, on 3 small shelves in the back of the store.::::16::

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