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Looking to come back, and have some questions

Sin-Sin- Member Posts: 79

HI all, just wanted to check out the new additions to RF Online before I came back.  I played at release and like many others got tired of the pot spamming and the hidious grind.  Now to the questions hehe

1.  How has the grinding changed?  In addition, If the grind is different what game would you compare it to?

2.  Is pot spamming still the way to go or can you actually fight multiple mobs without having to hit the pot key a million times?

3.  Did they add more to character customization?

4.  And when did they actually make these changes, not sure if it has allready been implemented, or if its in the future.


Thanks for the help


  • neosurfeurneosurfeur Member UncommonPosts: 193
    1, The grinding is more easy  now 2X more XP, 2X more drop. So in 3 week you make a caractere lvl 40 without any problem and start to kick ass in CW. ( Mob, are now one more lvl than before, but that make pretty easy the grind pt )

    2. Potion depend your classes, but any mele use potion a lot again but now exist a macro system pretty nice, only need to put you 99 pots and select when its will be take automaticaly. * But like  I said the mob are more stronger than before so you can tank a lot more than before if you goot nice block pt, but you still use a lot potion to*

    3.  No, actually no more cuztomize, but you can found I think more easy your Armor set for each high lvl than before, peploe using more the  Action house than before. ( So the link between what I say its easy, you will got nice armor set and you will look like hell héhé. But head still same :P.)

    4. Well giga part 1 make the game more attractive, but not in the interface more under the application code, its pretty nice subtility they repair, removed some abused thing in putting more tower near portail exemple.... But I know now the Merge server its done I hear about a nice Chip war with a lot players so that make the game alive, CCR supose to implent the episode2 in few month, can be this sumer who know. Well tha promize some special big changement, like fight in space etc.. Well I look for that one its sure.

     Well the best thing you can do it look the forum of  RfOnline, but CCR make a good move in making Archloard free,* they dont need to put importance of that seriously big  cheese game, *worst ever seen , with Vanguard**  if they took this time to make RFO nicest, that will be great . =)


  • mbbladembblade Member Posts: 747

    HEH the only possible way i would come back is if it was F2P, and then i would have to think it over since i would have to reinstall/patch.

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