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Point and Click MMORPGs?

What do you guys think about them? I know Lineage II will be PnC which is the reason why I won't be playing it. PnC reminds me of Diablo I, which was fun to play but doesn't cut it for me in a modern MMORPG. In FFXI, which was meant to be a console game as well, you could program a gamepad to your movement which I thought was nice. Keyboard controls (as long as they're fully customizable) are awesome since different people are used to different keyboard setups.

I don't really have much more of an opinion about PnC MMORPG's but they seem to be one of the top five turn off's for me when I judge a new game to decide if I like it or not. Any other opinions?


  • TaskyZZTaskyZZ Member Posts: 1,476

    I can go either way on this. I actually liked ShadowBane's interface a bit...

  • GnarledGnarled Member Posts: 566

    A fronte precipitium a tergo lupi

    Requiiem, Templar

  • BigPeelerBigPeeler Member Posts: 1,270

    hey Ataris... you DO know Lineage 2 also uses the old school WASD movement too eh... altho u'll probbaly end up using the PnC cuz its just so much easier... click on the horizon and u can start fartin with ur equipment and sending IM's... if ur gonna completely leave out a game just because it uses PnC, ur lookin for tha wrong things in an MMO...

    as for my personal preference, i prefer PnC altho i will use WASD if i have to... i like PnC cuz its the only way u can fight in a large scale battle and eat a bowl of soup at the same time ^^


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