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pay 2 play?

Satans_SonSatans_Son Member Posts: 3
ive checked around and it says the game is most likely to be pay 2 play but anyopne know for sure?

 cuz its from nc soft and im hoping its free 2 play like gw


  • twiztid19twiztid19 Member Posts: 44
    Its from ncsoft so it could be like guildwars, f2p once you buy it. But if not most likly p2p, No big game developer is gonna waste time making a game they wont make profit off of. It will be p2p. :)
  • stonies88stonies88 Member Posts: 23
    Yes Guildwars is F2P, but it is the exception not the rule.  Every other game published by NCSoft  is P2P so Im willing to bet that Aion will be too.  And also look at the other threads that are about this same subject, instead of starting a new thread asking the same thing.
  • PorgPorg Member Posts: 6

    Look at it this way m8...


    Guild wars is not pay 2 play... frankly it's s**t!!! 

    You get what you pay for, they hardly ever fix bugs and the servise is crappy. i wouldent even say it's a mmorpg..


    I want it to be pay 2 play, they deserve money for making the game, and server's cost money.

    But i hope they do the updates like lineage 2, there by far the best updates and new in-game features of any mmorpg i've ever played.

  • KharmedKharmed Member Posts: 101
    Correction NcSoft isn't known  to have great support even on there P2P games(lineage2) and GuildWars is published by NcSoft and it's Arena Net that made 70% of the content.

    Aion is a game made by NcSoft just like Lineage2 so it should be P2P.

    I think it's a good idea it keeps a certain portion of the immature gaming population of the game(imagime WoW F2P) also Lineage2 has been giving free expansions(total of 5 right now) for FREE! If they do this for Aion then this is the jackpot. Not some minor patches like WoW.


  • twiztid19twiztid19 Member Posts: 44
    Originally posted by Porg

    Look at it this way m8...
    Guild wars is not pay 2 play... frankly it's s**t!!! 
    You get what you pay for, they hardly ever fix bugs and the servise is crappy. i wouldent even say it's a mmorpg..
    I want it to be pay 2 play, they deserve money for making the game, and server's cost money.
    But i hope they do the updates like lineage 2, there by far the best updates and new in-game features of any mmorpg i've ever played.
                   Guildwars really wasnt that bad, i did like the game itself, never had any issues with ncsoft/arena net, my brother works for arena net, hes a dev for guildwars, factions, and nightfall. As goes for updates.. by far the best game in my opinion that has the most updates, is Eve-online. Not great customer service.. and yet it is still p2p.
  • PorgPorg Member Posts: 6
    I wouldent know about Eve-online, ive never played it, not really in to space and spaceship's, more of a fantasy guy.
  • ShijukiShijuki Member UncommonPosts: 318
    A game of this scale will never be F2P.
  • NewMonsterNewMonster Member Posts: 417

    dont forget girls and guys..... ncsoft seems to be more into free2play now..... even their dungeon runners is free2play which doesnt lo0k alot like pay2play.

    also SUN from webzen is gonna be no monthly fee even though it got some kick ass graphic!

    so aion may not be pay2play.... but it may either be buy2play or free2play but i have high feeling that it will be buy2play one time fee no monthly fee.

    i predict lineage2 will be deserted very so0n and turn buy2play no monthly fee

  • AyaseAyase Aion Community CoordinatorMember Posts: 118

    Edit: This message was posted before I started to work as an Aion Community Coordinator, and was still running a fansite.


    Believe me... it won't be free to play. Sorry, just don't want you to get disappointed at a later stage :) Dungeon Runners and Guild Wars were both off-shore productions, none made by the Korean development team making Aion (We're talking 100++ developers on this game) . Furthermore, both Guild Wars and Dungeon Runners are highly instanced which allows for a different server structure and adaption depending on amount of players. Basically, it's cheaper to maintain. SUN is also highly instanced and falls under the same category. I would say, the reason all of the fore-mentioned are free is that they do not provide lasting content that would excuse a monthly fee. They lean towards temporary satisfaction games more related to the FPS family.

    Remember, Aion is a huge production which they are putting real effort into. It's another flagship (Like Lineage). Even if it will cost to play, I am convinced it will be worth it.

    Sebastian Streiffert
    Community Representative - Aion

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    * In order to cover my back, things I write are of course subject to change.

  • dalevi1dalevi1 Member Posts: 829
    Anyone with a small amount of cash and a large amount of sense will not play a f2p mmo. Honestly the idea works great with fps games, but an mmo needs constant development and attention in order to become a long and worthwhile experience. If Aion is f2p I will flame it as a pretty pile. As of now, it graphically looks impressive. Hopefully, the game will follow.

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  • gamespawngamespawn Member UncommonPosts: 21

    i sooooo hope it'll be p2p (with ncsofts card system or just pay with visa) because...                                                                                                     well free game attrackt alot of (shouldn't say it but must !) noobs... like in GW there are alotta people who are highest lvl(20)                               and still ask dumb questions like how can i find the quest window o.o ? anyway i don't hate them but they just slow things down.             

    Like in um...L2 there aren't any of those people, because if you know that your gonna need to pay for it, your gonna check everything first. when doing this you take alot of information with you. I don't dislike noobs, because i love to help them (makes me feel god :D) but i just hope there aint allot of 'm.

    To Be A Noob Is OK ! (just try some things before asking (and beginning to spam))

    hope you guys don't judge me on this, i just wanted to say this :D

  • BulletRideBulletRide Member Posts: 8
    If it was a GW style game i wouldnt consider buying it, I will only play it if it is pay to play
  • xenodudexenodude Member UncommonPosts: 21
    Originally posted by Porg

    What is sooo wrong with GW?
    Look at it this way m8...
    Guild wars is not pay 2 play... frankly it's s**t!!! 
    You get what you pay for, they hardly ever fix bugs and the servise is crappy. i wouldent even say it's a mmorpg..
    I want it to be pay 2 play, they deserve money for making the game, and server's cost money.
    But i hope they do the updates like lineage 2, there by far the best updates and new in-game features of any mmorpg i've ever played.

    And i suppose you love WoW dont you? What is sooo wrong with GW?

  • TorakTorak Member Posts: 4,905

    Well my 2 cents.... (maybe only worth 1)

    The Free to Play with shop items or tier pricing seems to be the wave of the future in Asia. That isn't going over to well here in the west however. Then again MMO's are not doing very well in the west compared to Asia anyway. Western devs are glued to cranking out half finished games and then revamping them every 6 months then charging a fee on top of it. Its like getting kicked in the nuts every time you get a game and having to pay a fee for it.

    Western gamers are a fussy lot. You can go on anyone one of these threads and according to the community they all suck in some way or another. They let the simplist minor things enrage them to the point of not being rational. (the entire point and click vs WASD comes to mind, its like duelling idiots) MMOs are still not fully realized and to be honest the direction they are going, they probably never will. Western Devs are going to put themselves out of business from releasing crappy, incomplete, low production quality, buggy games and Asians are going to swing heavily toward the "video game / arcade" model.

    Add to that the automatic competition / infestation of farmers, most newer games are starting to see that there might be potential profit in item/shop games that could be greater then subscription based. The currency market is valued at one billion dollars in 2006. Players are forking out a HUGE amount of cash to play these games to people other then the game companies, its only logical / natural they will want to get that money instead of rolling over and taking it in the rear for I*E and companies like that.

    If I had to "guess" I would think that in the near future you will see something like a tier pricing plan in the west or a subscription with extra items and things to buy if you want. (Hero's Journey, a western title, is already rumoring that as they have been doing it in their MUDS for many years now) 

    The fact of the matter is only one single western game has had any real impact on the MMO market. The rest are dead, dying or losing ground. Thats not the case with the Asian market. Its only a matter of time before western marketing guys figure this out, like it or not.


    Another little bit of opinion. Since the MMO side of the industry is the smallest slowest growing portion in the west. (something like 9% of the video game market) Its safe to say the the average gamer likes to play, have some fun, and would rather have "cool stuff" then grind out dull levels. See any Shooter / RTS or RPG that you can play online for that. Marketing people will figure out how to get this into MMOs sooner or later. I also see a fundamental change with MMO happening within the next 5 / 10 years. RPGs like NWN / NWN2  are evolving faster then MMO's. Shooters are gettting persistant qualities (battlefield2 / Battlefield 2142 for example) The gap between these types of games is closing in on MMO's.

    More Edits

    Another thing to take into consideration is the actual longevity of a game. 5 years looks to be about the limit of marketable growth so far for any MMO. Technologically speaking, they are old news within about 12-18 months. Generally speaking the subscription models goes something like this: Most servers at launch, highest subscription base at launch (until about 24 months, give or take) then deminishing subscribers until the core following stablizes. At 5 years, almost every MMO out there is pretty much spent. Its going to be interesting to see WoW at 5 years. Free to Play appear to work the opposite. They open small and ADD service as demand increases. I don't know what the track record is like over time as there haven't really been any out for 5 years here in the west. I guess we will see. I would hazard to guess the Free to Play "increasing service" ie servers, better demonstrates a more profitable route then taking away servers once the populations begin to bottom out or in some cases, never even fill up.

  • sasuke17sasuke17 Member Posts: 18
    Simply put why should you have to pay for a game you have already bought??? Think about it this way... they set it up so they have both and item mall and donating... oh and if you don't think donating works check out all the sites you can get free anime etc. that have donating systems... they work just fine... this way you will attract more players like me and many of my friends that are actaully pretty good at gaming especially mmo's but don't have the means, money, and want to pay monthly for a game when you can just play console rpg's or simply find a free server... however, free servers are'nt always the experience people want because the server masters can change things in the server like set the drop and xp rates etc... and sometimes that can just f*** the game up... now don't get po'ed at me for suggesting this it is just something i have looked into and found to work quite nicely especially with companies like NCsoft who are already raking in alot of money yearly from prior titles...
  • TorakTorak Member Posts: 4,905

    To help illustrate my point, here are the "top 10 most played MMO's" using XFire.

    Take a GOOD look at that list. Notice there are no EQ's or other of the so called  "premium" games. Half of these games use a payment method other then monthly subscription.

    The other eye opener is that aside from one (SWG) the rest all have a strong PvP element as a focus.  Of course this only reflects XFire users but its very interesting. Brings up a lot of questions about how these games are being made and who exactly are they trying to target?

    Using this as a base, there are no EQ type games on here so WHO was Sigil and Vanguard targeting as a player base?

  • sasuke17sasuke17 Member Posts: 18
    It's sad how much space  WOW  takes up on that graph lol... considering it is really one of the worst mmo's i have played... * this is an opinion*... but that graph has a point if you take out WOW it is dominated by F2P's most of which have item mall systems... hmm sounds like what i was talking about ^^ lol
  • xAlrythxxAlrythx Member Posts: 585

    Aion will be P2P (thank the lord)

    GW is not an mmo I don't know what it is doing on this website

    And I have no objection to monthly fees if companys release decent updates regularly

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  • sasuke17sasuke17 Member Posts: 18
    where did u get ur info saying it would be P2P it doesnt say nething about that on plaync...
  • TorakTorak Member Posts: 4,905
    Originally posted by xAlrythx

    Aion will be P2P (thank the lord)
    GW is not an mmo I don't know what it is doing on this website
    And I have no objection to monthly fees if companys release decent updates regularly

    The creators of GW would agree with you. They never said it was an MMORPG, they called it an MMOCAG or something crazy like that. It was an online action game. But here it is 2 years later so whatcha gonna do, get hung up in technicalities? Its here in the MMORPG catagory, can't change that now. Its actually good that GW is listed as an MMO. Could you imagine what the MMO industry in the west would look like without it? We would be minus one of the few good games out there.

    Anyway, I am neither "for" or "against" monthly sub models or free / shop models. Each has its merits. Monthly fees seems to keep a lot of gamers from trying out MMO's. Lets face it, with the track record of MMO's you can hardly blame the rest of the gaming community for not giving MMOs a second look. Free to play on the other hand, you gotta deal with the fact that they NEED you to buy stuff to stay in business so the game mechanics are slanted in that direction. Monthly sub games on the other hand are notoriously unfinished and subject to alot of balancing and revamping. Quality is a huge issue and that raises the entire "value" thing in the game communities eyes.

    GW is shown that free to play can be a successful model but again it hinges on the release of new expansions on a regular basis to keep it running. How long can this method keep up? NCSoft has already backed off 2 new expansions for this year and have decided to just do one. The original plan was one every six months. It seems to be working out good so far, being that all the expansions were of very high quality helped that a great deal. Nightfall is probably the most successful expansion and MMO product since the launch of WoW. Average review 8.3 out of 35 reviews.


    Here is another interesting tid bit of info. The vast majority of gamespot users apparently dont even like MMO's and feel there are to many already. (66% or 2/3) of that another 20% only bother with WoW. This coinsides with the Xfire user numbers perfectly. The truth is, MMOs are very unpopular. And with unfinished garbage like Vanguard still being pumped out, who can blame them????


    "The Lego brand is getting the massively-multiplayer-online treatment. Do you think there are too many MMOs getting made?"

    Yes. At this rate the genre will just be saturated with sub-par games. (66%)

    No. MMOs are the future of gaming...socializing without leaving the house! (13%)

    There are MMOs beside World of Warcraft? I had no idea... (20%)


    Source (near the bottom right)

  • NeuroXlNeuroXl Member Posts: 291

    id want this to be pay to play ...


    free mmorpg's suck

  • KardasKardas Member Posts: 8

    Let's say it this way... There could be a chance of being a F2P (not quite a good chance, but we hope it could be, but yet again look at Guildwars, not so great).  On the other hand this could be a P2P, then there is actually something to profit for. (By the way i don't have much cash, and i really want to play this game, so i'm hoping it could be a great F2p, something worth alot, but free. 


    Thank you  please no pictures, no, no... please... ok, go ahead!

  • FariicFariic Member Posts: 1,546

    Diablo 2 proved that F2P can make a profit. 

    All I'm saying.

  • Darkness690Darkness690 Member Posts: 174
    I agree with you there, but Diablo II isn't really an mmo.
  • sasuke17sasuke17 Member Posts: 18
    that still doesn't really answer any questions though... if someone really has found out whether it is f2p or p2p at least give a link to the site you got your information from so that we lazy bums that don't feel like searching ourselves can see...
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