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Any really good mmorpg out there?

Need a new mmorpg!! Please help me.


  • SojuSoju Member UncommonPosts: 24
    EQ2,  WoW, or Guild Wars. They should last you until better comes out.
  • reborndemonreborndemon Member Posts: 11

    Plz anyone

  • blade55555blade55555 Member Posts: 100
    Did you not read?  He just gave you some... and get LOTRO.  (coming out soon or that's a free one).
  • reborndemonreborndemon Member Posts: 11

    ok does anyone know good free mmorpgs?

  • hotdogshotdogs Member Posts: 59
    guild wars is free but in my oppinion it sucks
  • reborndemonreborndemon Member Posts: 11

    ok but i already have guild wars -.- i don't like it that much, I wanna find something like runescape but better gameplay, and graphics.

  • reborndemonreborndemon Member Posts: 11

    come on people please. I'm bored to death

  • hotdogshotdogs Member Posts: 59

    try sherwood


    the oly problem w/ it is that you cat customize ur char

    it big on pvp and pvr no dowload req

  • csthaocsthao Member UncommonPosts: 1,116
    all the new ones is still beta testing and some are about to come live, you can try any see if u like em yourself because i think everyone has different veiwpoints in every mmo also a game we might suggest to you thats good you might not like, so play or test all the games theres a lot to offer just see which one you like...i still personally like UO and EQ but thats just me...those are the only ones that keeps me coming back for more....but if u want a new or "good" mmo try WoW 8 million people is hooked....
  • smartkidzsmartkidz Member Posts: 252
    My opinion is there are no really good free mmo's out there. But if you are willing to pay try WoW or EQ2. Those two games will keep you hooked until more comes out.

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  • KbobKbob Member Posts: 81
    Last chaos slightly resembles runescape, Space cowboy is a space shooter, Flyff is good if u like kiddie graphics, if u want a game w/ good graphics and u dont care about much else god rappelz, mythwar has gameplay like final fantasy, but the graphics and storyline arent very good, dragon raja is sorta like diablo if u like that kind of game, archllord just went f2p and thats pretty fun, but u have 2 buy the game, Gunz:the duel is a good 3rd person shooter, warrock is a good fps, infinity is like dynasty warriors only online in a sense. all these games r f2p and im not sure what ur lookin 4, so i just listed all of um.
  • ezra-sezra-s Member Posts: 14

    Even if its not FREE, Im surprised noone mentioned EVE-Online. You can buy game time cards for 150million isk (ingame currency), so if you want to have it for free you can do it with 1 or 2 payments.

    Its a sci-fi mmorpg.. One of the best. It has more in depth that any other out there. You dont have to be playing many hours to advance, only to earn money. Your character trains skills even when you're offline, so keep it always training and make sure you are online when the training ends.

    The PVE in the game is improving and it has many aspects: ratting in asteroid belts (killing npcs), agent missions (which is more rat killing but gives you money, rewards for making it in a certain period of time and gives you loyalty points which in time can give you awesome and expensive rewards).

    The PVP is well balanced and the most thriling experience youll ever have. Your heart will try to break through your chest :D. Also it has many aspects that make it interesting whatever the race type you use. For every measure there's a countermeasure and killing 1vs1 is not that easy, unless you really know what you are doing.

    They recently added exploration which is cool and can be very rewarding if you put time on it.

    The economy of the game is the best and more complete I have ever seen, same with the crafting (manufacturing) and R&D, which they are going to improve soon.

    The political scene is ever changing and as complicated as in real life, maybe more. Corporations join to form Alliances and those fight for the non-policed areas of the game and they rule the place, they can build Outposts (player stations), POS (Player Owned Structures) that allow conquering space, etc...

    Try it.. Give it a couple of hours. Either you will hate it or love it.
  • taruthtaruth Member Posts: 1
    I have been playing Final Fantasy XI for over a year now and I am a tarutaru Red Mage level 75 with a sub job Black Mage.  I think the game is awesome.  There are still areas I havent been to and enemies I havent seen.  It takes a lot of dedication to get to these levels but I find it really enjoyable.

    One free online mmorpg that I found fairly good is HeroOnline.

    Why dont you give it a look
  • Mr.Man_7Mr.Man_7 Member Posts: 224

    A game like Runescape would be WoW, but i recomend CoH, but its not free.CHEERS!

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  • player321player321 Member Posts: 28
  • tester00716tester00716 Member Posts: 2

    Hero online, Darkeden(was) , Conquer Online,Runescape these are the ones i prefer but im working on another one scions of fate so when i check it out a lil bit more ill fill u in later.BUt for the best game i seem to play the most coming back to is Runescape because its a long term game to get a skill at its maxium lvl of 99 and to be able to say yet u got a lvl 9 skill so yea thats the game i keep going back to for reason.

  • squalleonahasqualleonaha Member Posts: 211

    rappelz, flyff, last chao, silk road , cabalonline,maplestory , shaya, perectworld , second life , project etopia


    those are F2P MMORPG. if those are still not your style, i recommend you to buy a ps2 and try some jRPG to unwind.


  • OgNerdOgNerd Member Posts: 3
    try MuOnline


  • OgNerdOgNerd Member Posts: 3
    something like runescape... hmmm i had to decide somehting like this 3-4 years ago.. and i found a perfect game... just like runescape.. and its Muonline


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