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Europeans playing at retail

GarfunkelGarfunkel Member UncommonPosts: 224

I've got Vanguard on pre-order from but I'm wondering what the score is with European servers.

I'm looking to play with Brits mostly because of language and time barriers.

Will it be like Lineage2 at alaunch where each server had small European communities which was fine apart from the time difference between us and the reast of the server (Castle Seiges)?

Is there going to be a dedicated server for each country?

I've not found any mention on the forums I've checked so has anyone elese heard anything?

You can walk the walk but can you talk the talk?


  • marksplacemarksplace Member Posts: 28
    From what I can tell theres going to be one PvE server and one PvP, so hopefully the PvP one will be pretty full.
  • GarfunkelGarfunkel Member UncommonPosts: 224

    Thanks for that.

    I just found a post with the server names on.... Here

    Euro PVP = Frengrot

    Euro PVE = Gelenia


    You can walk the walk but can you talk the talk?

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