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please reconnect

in the login menu, i type in my user and pw and when i try to connect, it says please reconnect and when i do it says it again and again. is it just me or does other ppl have the same problem as well


  • ZorvanZorvan Member CommonPosts: 8,912
  • sorrowssorrows Member Posts: 2
    my installation drive is c: program file Scions of Fate but it still doesnt work.
  • ZorvanZorvan Member CommonPosts: 8,912
    Okay, you'll probably have to uninstall, erase the Scions forlder, and reinstall. Manually download the three patches instead of using the launcher. There is a sticky in the official forums under general discussion that has the download links for the patches.

    Wait, try this first. It's a new patch released by GM Scott over at the official site. Maybe it'll help
  • norman728norman728 Member UncommonPosts: 146
    didn't work for me. i did that I'm almost ready to give up ( My Plate is full anyway)
  • ZorvanZorvan Member CommonPosts: 8,912
    Well, I'm outta ideas, then. I'm sorry I couldn't help ya more.
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