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when i run the game it says it cant indetify hardware i think it is the graphic card can some 1 give

ragelionragelion Member Posts: 46
i really want to play this game but when i run the game it says it cannot recognise hardware i think it is the graphic card can some 1 give me a download link to download a new pls i reallly want to play this game


  • VGJusticeVGJustice Member Posts: 640

    Just to let you know, the graphics card is not something that can be downloaded. It's hardware, so you would have to purchase a new one and physically replace the one you currently have.

    Also, be sure before you do that. Check this link, and have it scan your computer:

    There are listings for all of the expansions to this game, as well as the collection version.

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  • thekzethekze Member UncommonPosts: 180
  • rend_cushionrend_cushion Member Posts: 4


    lol get a Gforce, my past experiences with ATI cards has led me to the conclusion that they suck.


  • fauxhallfauxhall Member Posts: 132
    Originally posted by rend_cushion


    Hehe Thats funny.But true. I wish you could just download a gfx card.

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  • nerrollusnerrollus Member Posts: 214

    You probably don't have the drivers for your video card installed ... Check in your device manager and make sure you have a graphics card installed there.

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