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Need new rgp !!

I'm getting bored, AGAIN... this sucks... to easy...

all reaction from me playing mmorpg's, I played and seen a lot so not mutch is really original

bud thats why I came here!~I'm looking for a new rpg for me to play, with more skills than only fighting. (crafting, mining etc.) I want to make me own stuff and sell it. so it does really need some economy ;) also a good storyline can keep me into the game, I dont really care about grapich aslong as the game is not in 3x3 pixels. paying is, to bad, no option. I live with my parents and they dont want me to pay for online games. (nether I was going to pay a monthly fee)

I did runescape way to long, totaly run out of things to do. all lvls above 35 and 1,5 mil. I did some silkroad online bud I always got pwned when trading and when I normaly walk I never get attack by any monster at all.....  I've seen graal online, looks awsome bud the money problem again... Dont mention maple leaf, I think lvling takes to long and there is no clear story line.  I'm playing Flyff right now, which is pretty good for a free game and I think I can stay on there for some time.

any one a good idea?

Gtrz Ramses II

I retired from A LOT mmorpg's XD

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