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I don't like EQ2 because City of Heroes spoiled me

shozikushoziku Member UncommonPosts: 95

I currently play City of Heroes but recently took a break to try EQ2 "play the fae" free trial. I was severely disappointed for several reasons.

1. The graphics in EQ2 are not very good. The "artwork" of lush areas was really neat but hardly realistic or technically advanced, or even detailed. SWG did much much better at creating landscapes with technically aesthetic features.

CoH has unbelievably high detail that includes streets, curbs, stop signs, traffic lights, payphones, parking meters, intense building architecture, dumpsters w/trash that you can actually knock the trash out if you fight near it... the list goes on and on. Caves with plumbing, ventilation and electrical systems installed, not just a base where you wonder how the heck anyone can have a base there.

2. the combat system is antiquated and still the same as EQ1. In EQ2 when you aggro a mob, it slides up to you like a magnet on roller skates then proceeds to animate through some attack mode animation. the attack animation does not coincide with actual damage being done, much like watching the lip syncing in a godzilla movie. The same type of damage vs animation takes place on your part for the auto attack mode, but initial spells and attacks seem to be closer synched.

In City of Heroes, when combat is initiated, depending on what you aggro'd many things can happen. If you attacked from range they will start with a ranged attack on you, or they may rush you (using actual footsteps congruent with the distance they cover) to fight you in melee range. They can point a rifle at you, take aim, shoot, you see the shot zing at you and hit (or miss) and when it hits your character may recoil from it and the damage it did is posted immediately, making for a much more accurate combat model. Same with melee attacks, they swing, you hear a thud, your face gets smacked, the damage they did is removed from your total... all at the same time. Powers and spells that hold do so and have hold animations on the creature held... they struggle in vein or are held frozen in surprise, not just an animation stop.

3. Character models and movement. EQ has 3d character models but they're cartoony and with badly proportioned body parts. Do you remember watching Ice Age and seeing that the humans in the movie were kinda badly made and cartoony? thats what EQ2 looks like. Also, the footsteps and running animations don't match the distance traveled.

In CoH, the character models are insanely proportional as well as sexy. their movements seems better than mocaps. When a female runs, the spine curves perfectly with every run, the arms sway just right, the pelvis rotates the way it really does. their jumps, falls, slips, slides, are all realistic looking and accurate. Amazing detail was made on the character models. When they run, the sound of their footsteps will vary according to the surface they're running on. Catwalks and scaffolding have the metal clinking sound, grass has a slight slushy sound, sidewalks are hard sounding footsteps, carpeting sounds like carpeting. Splashing in water actually has splashing sounds, even if only one foot splashed in it, and a bigger sound if you just jumped in with both feet.

4. Custume options. EQ2 does change your apparel appearance but for only some armors and clothing. For the noobs, when you add most armors to your character you won't notice any difference in the way they look.

This is where CoH spoiled me the most, the infinite costume options you have are amazing. You can look the way you want to look and select amazing combinations. Each selection you make will reflect in the way you look, from a new belt to tiara to hairstyle, boots, gloves, wings, tshirt, trenchcoat... Truly the characters' look is the flagship of CoH. to be fair though, since it is not a loot based game, you won't be finding/looting a "Robe of Certain Safety and Pwning" much less be able to wear it.

So there are many more things that made my re-experience with EQ really sad but for the most part what I can say is: "If you've been playing EQ and haven't tried other games much, you're gonna probably think EQ is the best the game world can do".


  • BunglermooseBunglermoose Member Posts: 63

    I agree  -- City of Heroes is, in most respects, a fantastic game and stands head-and-shoulders above alot of its competitors in terms of character customization and overall "feel".  I wish more games would take a play from CoH's playbook and make their character customization systems more indepth.

    But... and I say this as a loving fan of CoH (and CoV)... it gets kinda boring after a while. Know what I mean? Not to say that EQ2 doesn't -- I didn't play EQ2 long enough to get a sense of the mid-to-late game stuff... I just got bored with CoH after a while.

    It sure is friggin' pretty, though.

  • RobbgobbRobbgobb Member UncommonPosts: 674
    I never thought of CoH as that great on graphics. It was different but that was all in my eyes. Don't know what else you talked about but I have to say it is interesting that CoH spoiled you from liking EQ2.
  • Zyzx-ManZyzx-Man Member Posts: 50

    Ill give you grapics, costmazation, and the detail for CoH, but the skills and combat left me dissapointed

    I HATE how you couldent run while attacking... come run... stop... Voosh(miss)...run....stop...Voo..(death)........dept

    and the skill system was way way to limited, (and they limited it more befor i left) what was is 18 total skill you chould have with 24 posable slots? 6 per skill... with basicly unnoticable bonused unless you devote all the slots to one upgread.

    i was fine with it for a while but then they changed it to only 1 or 2 slotes per upgread (I think) i left. a Bubbler with no deffence enhancements is worst then a healer with no healing enhacnments).

    but other than those a good game with great style and detail...plus flying, and SUPER JUMP (the most fun travel skill).


  • MinscMinsc Member UncommonPosts: 1,344
    TBH the underlying game mechanics of CoX are almost identical to those of EQ2, they CoX engine just does a better job of hiding them. Also technically the graphics engine of EQ2 is superior  but CoX's character models are better stylized and far more appealing IMO.
  • mbbladembblade Member Posts: 747
    well i have played both games and sure they both look good enough, but neither are very good games.  I don't go for the non loot games such as that, playing just to grind for lvl only and looking really gay is not for me.  EQ2 is jsut as bad with its shared exp debt.
  • TheICETheICE Member UncommonPosts: 120
     I played city of heroes and was not impressed, yes the character creation is very good but other than that i thought the gameplay was a grind and the quest where all the same. I like eq2 WAY better because the crafting is nice to do, i like the harvesting to get rares, Also i love the heritge quest where you can get old eq1 items in eq2. Then there is the story if people would actually read the quest there is alot of them linking eq1 with eq2. Then there is alot of diff places to level that don't look the same like, lavastorm,permafrost, greater faydark,lesser faydark. And in my opinion i think eq2 is the best mmo out, and i played, coh,wow,vanguard,ddo,everquest 1, rf online,swg, lineage2.
  • totoscarantitotoscaranti Member Posts: 15
    nowadays it sem oriental artists and programmers are way better than occidental ones most of best asian mmorpgs got better graphic, music, sounds and less gaming issues related to software (lag bugs and so). things they lack most is the gameplay where oriental ppl have different taste.. they like grinding too much and often they dont mind using bots programs...
  • TinybinaTinybina Member Posts: 2,130

    City of Heros could have been the best MMORPG ever made (seriously it had that potential) but they forgot 1 thing..



    All you do in the game is run instances after instaces, hell even in the early days when you could go out and run patrols (perez park) was better then it is now...

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