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Scions of Fate Fansite

Hey everyone,

were currently building a Scions of Fate fansite, and were looking for all intrested people to come and help us build out community.

Currently our site only features a set of forums, but were cunrrently working on a custom skin and a fully function website which will eventually hold all the info you could ever need about Scions of Fate.

We need everyone from newbies, to experianced members to help make our site a success. We plan on being a community driven site with an emphasis on rewarding those who know enough to contribute, and helping those who are new get up to speed.

We also plan on haviong our own house (ingame guild) when the game is released in February. So if your looking for a decent place to talk about Scions of Fate, and want to help build the foundations of a community then visit.
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