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Mmporg to play?

Hi im big on mmporg but im having a little trouble finding the right one.

I played rs for bout 8 months biggest waste of my life ever so i went looking for another game.

Played maplestory for 4 months got bored really fast.

Playing Knights online love it but not worth playing too many hacks cant get on laggy all the time.

I like medievil based games and i play oblivion on my x360.

If you could help itd be highly appreciated. I was looking at Endless Online any good?


  • microburstmicroburst Member Posts: 15
    Hmm... you can try flyff or Space cowboys online at  I think they're pretty good.  Though as get bored at high lvls :P
  • wildbeast587wildbeast587 Member Posts: 8
    why not try runescape the best game i've ever played its like  having a virtoul life in the middole ages
  • AtomicaAtomica Member Posts: 28
    Well the only reason i played it was for the style of pking it uses.The best part of the game i reckon
  • kwaikwai Member UncommonPosts: 825
    Medieval games you say ?

    Maybe you should try out Lineage II then :) , and judge it for your self
  • AtomicaAtomica Member Posts: 28
    Well too be honest i have never owned or played any of the world of warcraft games and this burning crusade one  looks sick maybe i should buy it.It would probably be the only game id buy for a cpu.I got xbox aswell.
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