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ok game, some good points some bad

dafuzzledafuzzle Wildwood, NJMember Posts: 160

im bored so i felt like writing a review on what i think of the game

the game is really fun to play, but you seem to find yourself doing the same thng over and over in lower lvls.  for example. go lvl , go to town and resupply go lvl, ect......  the wars would be really fun if a lot of people would participate.  graphics arent to great, but good enough to enjoy.  some good things is that in the higher lvls it really fun to just be in town and duel ppl, but after a while it gets boring.  lvling gets extremly slow after about lvl 30 unless you have a good party to go elsewhere.  not too much customization, only class that has more than one weapon to use is warrior.  but overall i rate it a 7.5 out of 10.  good if your new to mmorpg's or just want to play s simple game, which is what keeps me playing.


  • wally1wally1 munsterMember Posts: 7
    yeah it is good but hard enough to understand wat to do without some help and it is repetative level up go to town and resuply i enjoy lvl wars and playing with friends but i dunno wat the other 1 was pking wats dat??? its a good game nd u shud try it out cuz there are big wars between differant nations so if eh download it which doesnt take that long  my username is ... em lemme think of it now...oh yeah now i remmember its metamorphic... i think or somthing like that hope yeh enjoy it  <<<<<highlight him and he looks funny looking hehe
  • mike470mike470 General Correspondent -unknown-Member Posts: 2,396

    I agree it's a pretty good game, some bad points some good.


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