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Confused, can anyone explain this?

What is the deal with this game, there seems to be a lot of different versions floating around.

Does anybody actually own this or is the server code public domain?  There seems to be both Venezuelan, Australian, Japanese, Malaysian and a couple of European and American versions around, but most of them are on defunct websites, and none of them look totally similar, RYL Underground seems active, but what is the difference between that and RYL: Unforgiven Wars?


  • IchmenIchmen Member UncommonPosts: 1,228

    ryl ug is a pos illegal server who cant afford their own servers lmao. and have lots of hackers

    ryl uw is a legal ryl host. who got the  rights to host it from pwg before they changed to pwm.

    if you go to you can generally find who are legal companies and who arn't althogh being asian they havent updated for a while.

    but there is a vietname, mayla, the ryl uw (na) and 2 other asian companies who are all legal.

    most of the euro ones and a few na are illegal who got the code from one of the asian hosts who stupidly hosted the game database info lol

    its not worth it playing illegal servers as they generally suck and is a pain setting up the client to play on their servers.

    most of the legal servers are free anyway.

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